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  1. This war on drugs have not stopped the use nor even slowed down the amount of illegal drugs coming into the use nor state to state. Only law abiding citizens are suffering!!!
  2. I carry an "Emt jump bag" in the trunk of all our cars. We have come across many mvc's or neighbors needing you. As far what you should carry and who will pay for it it's company to company's policy. I always stock people personal vehicle bag. But they changed who does the ordering now and have sloly stopped doing it. I've been an Emt for 30 years n I still carry it!! Good luck.
  3. Hello every I have been a member since 2p08.  I haven't been on for quite sometime.  I lost my parent 18months apart and I found it hard to read or be online.  

    I have been an Emt for 30years.

    I am looking forward to being active again.

    Hello all!

  4. hello everyone thats here at the city. my name is anna mills. ive been in ems for 28 years and I am stull very active. I am the president of the monroe township ambulance n rescue assn. I was herd back in nov. I hit a wall that I could not be on line. had a rough time since I lost my mom n dad. I missed being here. so I am back and I am looking forward to making some friend.
  5. hello everyone. I joined this web site several years ago. I have totally enjoyed this web site. dad got sick passed away mom hot sick n she just now passed away a week ago. I didn't have time for internet since dad got sick. I am looking forward to being on this web site again with everyone. to talk with each other. discuss out different calls and information. 2wheelie (Anna)
  6. The area that I am from as stated several times before by people if hospice didn't call the ambulance then those bills are on the family. Hospice has there own ems squad they call, their own er..for us if was a hosp that was appx 40 minutes away. We were told several times when we placed my dad on hospice. To call them for every little thing. Don't call your family doc..don't call your cancer doc. Call us. We are your pharmacy, your doc, etc. It's hard to get used to due to they way we are use to doing things. If we called no only would we have to pay the hosp bill,amb bill but we would need to reapply to hospice, hospice would need to reapply to Medicare for hospice coverage. So may of things are involved. But most of all hospice let's you know. They tell you every visit to call then. What the proper procedure is for the family and the pt on hospice. But hospice. Means you are terminal, so unless you want to be in and out of the hosp..which would mean no hospice. I just see some families calling 911 to have the pt removed from the house. You are suppose to call them, they come out, they call who you picked to be your funeral director when you signed onto hospice. They call and handle everything. But this one family wanted their family member out of the house they didn't call hospice till we were at the hosp. It was clear to us what was going on. Made me very upset that was the PTS last wishes and that couldn't even be followed!
  7. Last sat night me and my crew were dispatched to a residence for an unconc pt. En route we get an update cardiac arrest. Dispatch tell us that the Family does not want to do CPR. As we arrive We grab all of our equipment (defib,suction,etc). As we walk into the home the family is standing in the living room, the pt is in the back bed room! Only one person is in the room with her and we try to ask her some questions of when she was last seem, her med hx anything! My partner checks her pulse, gets to move her to the floor off the bed to start CPR. I ask the family in the living room if she has a dnr? The family states no! I state did she want to have CPR performed? Any heroic measures done? They state yes do everything. We start CPR. The pt is in a Non shockable rhythm. Our Pd was on location (they are a great bunch of guys) they helped us move her on a back board and carry all our equipment to the rig. As my partner and the policeman are carrying her out I again ask about hospice and a dnr. Why was I so sure that she was a hospice pt? I saw the wheel chair with the hospice name on it, the hosp bed with the name of hospice on it. They meds with the name of the pharmacy and hospice. She was a 98 yr old female. Extensive med hx. Fluid so thick in her lungs, that it was very hard to bag her. I again asked them, did she want to have everything done? Or did she just want to stay home and not having a tube down her throat, someone pushing hard on her chest? They stated yes do that and take her to the hosp. You're kidding me right? her! We had my dad on hospice,( which he lost the battle to cancer just recently). So I know how hospice works. If you are on hospice it is mandatory to have a dnr. For the sake of your Ins. What Medicare/Medicaid will and won't pay. They won't pay for any CPR, ems transport, etc. These people didn't produce the dnr. So we needed to work her. I was very much enraged. The family didn't take their eyes off the tv. They were not wanting to give my partner any pt info. This poor lady wanted to just go peacefully, instead the family seemed to us that they didn't want her lying there in the house waiting for hospice to come. They wanted us to just remove her. So calling 911 was a way to make that happen. How frustrating! My crew ( we have 2 trainees with us ) they were worried that we did something wrong. I explained to them that if they didn't produce it state law states we need to act. Has anyone come across this not the dnr and not producing it, but the fact they just wanted her gone from their house!? Leaves me very angered.
  8. I was talking with my daughter when she came home from college today. She was telling me that one of her friends knew the people that use to live across the street from us. Theynhad just moved away, about 3 months ago. She went on to tell me that the female claimed that she was forced to video with her phone, an 8 year old girl having sex with a 13 year old boy. That angered me, how does your boyfriend make you use your phone to video this? But then she went on. Her boyfriend was arrested for having video'd taped himself with his phone giving a 5 month old little boy oral sex. Yes a 5 month old. They both claimed that they were forced by each other. Your kidding me right? This enraged me. No words in the English language could explain how I felt when I heard that. I told my daughter that I am very glad they no longer live across the street from us. I don't think that I would be able to control myself is she got out of jail on bail. My daughter new her from high school and always would tell me stories about her. I would tell my daughter Theresa that was in high school people do change. I was right in a way she did change for the worse! What is wrong with this world? I read the blog hmmm and that so fit with this story. The moms being let off after killing their little ones, all with being pregnant before they are tried for the first little ome they killed. We are no longer held accountable for our actions. It is all everyone elses fault! I shudder to think that after watching all these other people getting off with time served after only 20 months for killing their children that she may never see a jail cell after she gets out on bail! We are failing as a society. Didn't mean to rant but this story my daughter told me is insane!
  9. Hey evil, I hope the pain starts to ease up a little bit for you.....hang in there! I will keep you in my prayers! :spell: Take care and tho I don't post much... I don't always get a chance to be on I read everything. So I'm around if you want to write back and forth. Anyway feel bytes? 2wheelie (Anna)
  10. Just ran with the trash in tow to catch the trash man!

    1. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      Run Forrest, run!

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      Get up earlier LOL j/k been there done that enough times.

  11. Happiness What an awesome story and good bye. She was lucky to have you care for her! Anna
  12. Home to eat diner with hubby by ourselves

  13. Went to drill that was canceled due to weather. Nice if they told us before I got there

  14. I have to totally agree. If you make a commit in the eyes of god and witnesses to keep your parttner body and soul happy then that's how it is. But it takes both giving a 100% to each other not 50 but 100. All your love all your thoughts...you need to talk..marriage is not easy. It's two people coming together from two different familiies that dealt with things two different ways...but as you go through you life together you grow to each other..you guy up together..you learn how you both like things find common ground and that is how your family your marriage is one..always think of the other person.if your mate thinks of you and you think of your mate then there is no place for selflessness. No need to be thinking of me. You get all you need from your patner. Now I don't mean at all material. Love is not material. Love is always thinking of the others soul that you are holding in your hand. Love is strong that no matter what you will be there for the other..if npyou do this and always put your lovers soul n needs before you and the same goes for the other, then there won't be a need to go a looking. If you cheat on me I feel I would be so devastated due to the fact that everything I am, I do, I want is all for my patner. My soul would never be the same. Maybe I'm old fashion also but I've been married for 25 hrs and I feel more love from him when I look at him then I did on my wedding day which I thought was impossible. But we've been through a lot together and he has been my rock..always there, always knows what to say,or when to say anything...say goes for him..my heart over flows thinking of him and I can't do enough for him..he can't do enough for me..we don't have much material stuff but I wouldn't trade that for what I have! Think of each other, do no harm to each other, love each other as you would want to be loved, with that it will be very hard to cheat...good luck..o
  15. Ice everywhere snow everywhere can get trash to curb..oh well..need to try and venture out to take mom to docs

  16. Hello everyone. It's good to be back at the city. My life has been so crazy lately..I lost my dad in April after a strong tuff fight of cancer. My mom has been very sick.I just got her home she had a bowel blockage over Xmas she almost died! Bur she's home..that's good..

    1. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      Welcome back wheelie! My condolences on your loss, and I'm glad to hear your mom is home.

  17. 2wheelinemt

    Stories wanted

    I have been a volley emtnfor 25years but I have a good story for you. I am in the prossess of making a novel out of all my stories the past 25yrs. But this one brings homes lots of things being a mom,being a dad, being a kid caught in the struggles between mom and dad. Caught between mom,dad, and the government. Mom needing a restraning order and the day she does she no longer needs it. I was dispatched to a resident whom I knew for bleeding. I quick respond out there. My partner and I are met down the road by our local police dept. He rook me in his cop car carrying the o2bag and the jump bag. He says the guy that shot he is still watching the scene wanting too shoot the people that are coming to help her. I'm like really? Then what's the plan he says ok Anna the girl was grabbed by her ponytail turned to face the one big glass door that he thought the kids would be looking out. Held her there and turned her to face the door and shot her in the back of her head. He just let he drop there and came out looked into the window pointed the gun and laughed and then left. The older boy called 911 and told that story. The cop says to u get out of my car and get down right away onto ur belly when we pull up. Il crawl over to u and I will lay onto of u to cover u. We tied the oxygen,jump bag to a rope and then tied it to us so it was pulled behind us to keep our hands free. We crawled up a long damp dirt road to where she was. Then I needed to stay on my belly with him onto of me while I put her onto a long board collar and blocks. I had a cop onto of me two standing by my head one on each side,two down at my feet. They were kneeling down looking into the woods for any movement. I tied the longboard to another rope and climbed onto her to keep her breathing with a policeman on me. If u ever think something is hard to do lying down like just putting oxygen on someone try it with a cop laying on you and being scared he's gonna get shop because he's protecting me. What a weird feeling that he may died to keep me safe. We got the pt to the rig and drove her to the helicopter but she later died. The swat went out looking for that gunman they found him dead in the woods right behind where he killed 3young beautiful kids. So sad. That is a call that I will never remember but also I went through every emotion know to man. But me and that policeman have a special relationship with him. What ever time the young mom had left I gave her comfort as best as I could with her ex trying to kill me for help her but I gave her compassion. That to me is what bein an EMT is all about compassion. Once in a life time call, life changing call.
  18. Had a donuts cough that only let's u think ur gettin better

  19. not feeling too good tonight so skipping drill

  20. not feeling too good tonight so skipping drill

  21. not feeling too good tonight so skipping drill

  22. hello everyone i am back after taking time off that i didnt know i was going to do to take care of my father who was dying of cancer(which i lost a month ago) hello to everyone 2wheelie
  23. wow what a blog!!! i loved it..i fit that so well..i was just wondering tonight (out loud to my crew of course) that we forget why we started to do what we do! (some of us anyway) i often worry that i just might sometimes..i do a personal check on myself to me in check..i ask my husband and parents if they think i am getting proud with what i do? i dont think so but sometime jsut sometimes other people see it differently..i started 24yrs ago and i do it for the simple fact i love to help people that sounds corny but i do..i am a trauma junkie too and after all these years i still get up in the middle of the night for the little old lady that just needed to talk!!! i give my patient 110% every call..i get to know them as best as you could in 10min or so..but i let them know that there call was a waste of my time..thats why i volunteer. thanks for your blog,,its keeps us thinking!!and in life and esp in ems that i alwyas a good thing!!!! thanks again 2wheelie
  24. i agree with not supporting mothers day this and every year. i feel that if you want to thank your mom then you should be able to do it without someone telling you that you have to..and for those who cant have kids, dont want kids or who have lost thier mom i think this day just makes things worse. i am not looking forward to fathers day either, i have just lost my dad a week ago and this hole business of these days just dont make things any easier. i love my mom and dad, i dont need a day to remind me to love them to thank them. its just like valentines day, i dont need a reminder to love my husband. to me its just a money maker started by the card company that we just dont need. why we need someone to remind us that we first we have a mom and dad and second to love them, spend money on them and if we dont then they will never forget it! so i am boycotting mothers day with you!!!
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