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  1. I have a kind of funny story about a kid. Well at least I thought it was funny because I was there. My Dad got his appendix out and they inserted a drainage tube in his abdomen. One day I was sitting on the couch with my little brother who was 6 at the time and he had one of those water guns with the back pack to hold extra water and it had a tube on it. My brother held the tube up to his stomach and said "guess who I am?" me, "I don't know" brother, " I'm dad see this is my tube and P-U-S-S-Y is going into it" I just stated cracking up because he thought he was spelling puss he had no ide
  2. Good question! My friend asked me last night when would I have to expose people. I'm not an actual EMT yet, but I told her when I probably would and when I wouldn't have to. Then I wondered if people are ever exposed before the ambulance.In class they always told us expose in the ambulance. I always thought it would be more time consuming to do so after being straped especially if your using a KED's vest or something. She also asked so do you think EMS ever look or even judge people. I also thought about that and told her. They are just normal people and there are probably somethings that you
  3. Welcome to the City and good luck on your test =)
  4. Herbie i'm so sorry to hear about your nephew and his friend. He was still so young. I will keep my prayers with your family.
  5. A lot of people I know just think Paramedics and EMT’s transport people to the hospital and thats it, but they don’t know all they really do. When people ask me what I want to do and I say I wan to be a paramedic most of them say haven’t you ever thought about nursing and I say no I want to be a paramedic not a nurse. Those I know who think being a paramedic is a good job because you help people are those who have been in ambulances before and respect what they do. I always got excited to see ambulances when I was younger because I thought they were so cool and so were EMT’s and Paramedics. I
  6. They are just trying to save people's lives!!!
  7. Did you just join to give EMT's and Paramedics shit??? Wow you signed up today and got -11 or whatever I think thats a new record!!!
  8. When I work as an EMT or Paramedic years from now I will definitely bring food from home now.
  9. What do you guys do if your in the middle of cooking something just turn the oven/stove off and leave? What about if you guys are at some fast food place or something waiting for your food and you get a call and you already paid for your food do you just leave? I've just always wondered about these questions. I agree with you I would Rather save someone’s life then eat right then and have to feel the guilt if they die or something. I’m not a paramedic or EMT yet but I pretty sure I would prefer to save someone.
  10. Wow I just realized that I haven’t seen this forum in like a year. I have a couple songs in my head these songs are stuck in my head pretty much all the time- Basket Case, Minority, American Idiot, Longview, and Warning all by Green Day =D
  11. Welcome to EMT city im from AZ too!
  12. My brothers and sisters used to do this in elementary school. Their was an animal for each grade and they would have him for a week take pics write in a journal and stuff. Anyways it sounds pretty cool. I don't think I was here when Terri did it.
  13. You get a rubber ducky with a high pitched squeak Puts quarter in
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