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  1. Well, if you already have back issues then learning to sleep crumpled up in the front seat of an ambulance while at a post for sometimes hours, then ems probably isn't the best choice of profession for you. You mentioned that there are people around to help lift patients and equipment, ya, sometimes that's true, but sometimes it is just you and your partner. Getting your gurney into some broken down old single wide mobile home with no ramp and tight quarters is hard enough. Then throw a patient on your gurney and your equipment and your back hates you at that point. Another thing to consider is your physical relationship to your patient, a lot of times you are bent over or kneeling down trying to assist your patient, not the easiest on your back. If you really want to do this job, talk to your doc and have him/her get you on a physical therapy program to get your back in top shape before you jump in to ems.
  2. Some of you are talking about having 5 minutes to be en route to your call, wow!!! I can't believe that. In the area I work we have 90 seconds to be in the unti and pulling out of the garage. Depending on where we are responding we have response times that we have to meet or get fined. Our immediate area requires us to respond and be on scene within 7 minutes. This time constraint of course gets extended based on the distance from our station. Some of our calls for service take us up to one and a half hours from our district and thus response time means as soon as you can get there. We run 24 hour shifts and at night we wear jumpsuits and zip up boots to expidite the response process. 5 minutes to get moving, still can't believe it.
  3. Know your skills. They will be on every test you ever take as an emt. Know them step by step according to NREMT standards. Don't be afraid to ask questions until you are satisfied that you have a good answer.
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