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  1. My wife just finished her associates in nursing. She much more bang for her buck when it came to what she learned. Most of the classes she took were tailored towards the nursing career field. and out of curiousity, what more would you want to see added to the scope of practice?
  2. In Oregon you cannot become a Paramedic without having an associates in EMS. (People like it difficult here) what is all of your opinions on this? I have repeatedly been told that the real education starts when you get a job, and that school is to prepare you for that. If this is so, then why would it be required to have over two years of school on subjects that do not apply medically? IE social science, human relations, etc. The year of anatomy and physiology helped. But I learned all the pertinent stuff again during the paramedic course. Although I did have one ems call that I used the stuff from A&P. I had a patient ask if I knew what angiotensin 2 did. But she was a former A&P teacher that basically wanted me to know she was smarter than I was. so, whats your opinion?
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