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  1. okmedic


    What state are you in? If your are a National Registry state you will have to be 18 to take the test if I'm not mistaken.
  2. okmedic


    Hello and welcome to the city!! What do you mean by first responder via BSA? Not following the acronym, probably a local one. What grade in HS are you? Where are you from? What is your date of birth and SS#????? j/k Welcome anyway
  3. Wow that is some life you've lived!! You should seriously think about writing a book (that is if you haven't already!!) LOL
  4. I received this in an email the other day. One of the funniest emails I have read in a while!!! Kudos!!!
  5. Yea, there are hundreds out there. I just thought I would see if anyone use any that are actually useful.
  6. Need some suggestions for Iphone apps that are cool to have on the rig....any suggestions?
  7. That is why I love the website HULU!!! I can catch all my show that i missed when I'm off. They usually don't post them until the week after but still a saver if you really get into certain shows!! I use it to feed my HOUSE M.D. and Family Guy addictions!
  8. I'm seeing elevation in v1-v2, depression in v4-v6, inverted T waves throughout, left ventricular hypertrophy(probably from the htn going untreated, possibly a smoker). I would call this a stemi from the diagnostics available because of the elevation greater than one mm, reciprical changes, and the signs of ischemia(even though the symptoms are atypical). As for STEMI mimics....Pericarditis? Am I way off base with my findings or am I in the ballpark? I just started working with a service that actually has and utilizes 12 leads lol.
  9. If you haven't seen it yet watch "Funny Games". It's a twisted movie and there is a part towards the end that will piss you off so bad you will want to kick a hole in the t.v.!!!
  10. All I've ever had to do was go to the local Oklahoma Tag Agency and have them pull a MVR which goes back 3 years.
  11. Man Celebs are dropping left and right!
  12. Grats on your marriage!!! Hope you have fun on your honeymoon!!!
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