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  1. I worked full time to pay for my regular bills, and then a part time job to pay for school. Its hard to work all the schedules around each other but you'll figure it out after a few weeks, good luck with medic school. If you like ems you will love going through medic school, you learn a ton and realize how much you really didn't know before.
  2. OEMS has the list of all their accredited courses. I went to Massbay, it's a good program, college credits, great clinical sites and ride time. Our program director left right after our class finished and i don't know the new guy too well, but the practical instructors are awesome. I wouldn't do northeastern, everyone seems to look at them but they charge about $17,000, compared to massbays $7000. As for MassBay they have a fulltime class starting in Sept, it's mon-thurs i believe for 9 months, or there is the part time class starting in Jan, it is tuesday and thursday nights until novembe
  3. I've offically passed the written portion of the NREMT-P exam. I'm taking the practical in June, coming up quick. Excited to be done with everything, so I can upgrade and start working as a medic. But I live in lovely massachusetts so i still have the state written and practical, should be done with everythig by mid-july. Such a long process.
  4. I disagree with was Dust said here, she would be a patient about her being a non-patient. Maybe some systems are diffrent but even in school we've had the debate about what constitutes a patient. If you were called to the scene to evaluate someone, wouldn't that make them a patient. Granted the trooper didn't need to call the ambulance but once he did that makes her a patient. Its a gray area though, if a passer-by calls 911 for the accident, on your arrival all parties are ambulatory and denying injuries, there is minor damage, ect. Do you obtain refusals, in our system we do, but i
  5. Either get the parents on the phone and have someone translate, contact medical control and explain the situation to the doc. Or you are stuck transporting and you can thank the cop. Minors cannot refuse and the brother has no right to refuse on her behalf, she is defined as a patient because you were sent there to evaluate her. Hospitals around here are close enough I just transport people in these situations because it is the quickest option, unless they vehemently refuse then i'll make 1 phone call to the parents and if that doesn't work they get a ride.
  6. I don't know about the b/l 14's, vitals seem pretty stable. BUt i'm just a student.
  7. I'd go with sz. Can't be a syncopal, syncopals are short loc, this was extended.
  8. I'm guessing you cannot drink D50, since if it infiltrates that is bad, causes tissue necrosis. So if it is above 40 and they are conscious and have patent airway give them the oral glucose.
  9. First off nothing that you had in your car would've done any good on 9/11. Unless you have some SAMs hidden in your trunk. So you don't even want to be a career EMT, so why are you going to go around stopping at car accidents with your personal ambulance, i mean car. Do you just want people to see you out there working, you want to be a hero huh ? Well this is the wrong line of work to be a hero, go to school and become a federal agent then you can go around being a hero. Just make sure you have plenty of ammo in your trunk, you never know what you might come across.
  10. I don't believe there are 50 plus. I'd agree more with the 4 levels. Granted you can branch into critical care and or other specialties but those are really the only 4 levels of emergency responders. Although as previously mentioned some states use diffrent titles, but I think it still comes out to four levels.
  11. Don't forget all the flashing red lights, a big bumper sticker along the line of emts save paramedics. Don't forget the trauma cape and complete kit including the trauma hatchet. See if you can find a cheap set of jaws somewhere, check ebay. Make sure it is a big response bag so if you get a school bus accident you are good to go. Good luck.
  12. I think being "operational" at 11 years old seems pretty ridiculous. I'd be pissed if I was hurt at an event and 11 year olds were coming over to help me. I've heard of places starting junior explorers and the like at 16, but 10 and 11. :roll: Seems a little strange to me. Anyways I dont do the vol ems thing, in the area i live it is all paid services and paid fire/ems.
  13. As for the analgesia question, use the search function there was a recent thread about this subject. It was titled do you feel you can adequately control pain.
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