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  1. Hey everyone, I know I have been MIA for quite awhile, As some of you may remember, my wife Janice was diagnosed with lung cancer in July 2009. Well after being given the all clear on April 30th, she began having neurologic problems and back & neck pain in early May, then on May 12th she had surgery to remove a ruptured disc in her neck that was pressing on her spinal cord. While that did help the neck pain some, it did not relieve the neurologic problems (Tremors in both arms and hands, Dizziness, and severe headaches and syncope when standing up, and weakness in her legs) so about a wee
  2. The good news is that my wife is done with chemo and starts her last 10 day round of radiation tomorrow on her brain and right adrenal gland. Then hopefully remission. The bad news is that now that she is nearly finished with the bulk of her treatments, I was layed off from my day job as project mgr. last Wed. (Happy New Year!!!) I am hoping to get on with Medic as an EMT-B and get into their Paramedic program, It is a big pay cut, but it is following my passion for helping people, which my job was actually holding me back from because of the pay check. Besides, I was ready for some vacation
  3. Hey Terri, Thank you, Yes, it is a great early Christmas, and definately something to be Thankfull for this week. I saw your post about the rough time you are having, and just please know that my thoughts are with you as well, remember, "If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it"
  4. I have been MIA for a while. Things have been a little crazy around here for the last few months, and I have missed the city. Janice has had some rough times with the radiation and chemo treatments, especially the last few weeks, but the radiation is over with now and she has one more 3 day round of chemo on Dec 1,2,& 3. The doctors are fairly confident in a long term remission at this point, which is miraculous considering that in late July, she was in extensive or stage 4 small cell lung cancer. Janice and I want to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers, and ask that you contin
  5. I just have one question for NBC, Who did they get for technical advisers on this "show"? It sure as #*## wasn't anyone in the EMS field. It looks more like 90210 with uniforms and strobe lights. I think that even the visual affects were better on Emergency, some 35 years ago. What happened to technology? It would make a good training video though, just have students and probe's pick out all the mistakes and protocol snafu's. That part of it is rather entertaining at least. Just Sayin
  6. My wife and I just wanted to thank everyone for all the prayers and well wishes, and ask that you continue. And special thanks for the many good ideas for fund raising and assistance programs. With the help of my mens bible study group, we will be implimenting some of these ideas in the comming weeks. Update: She startes the 3rd round of chemo today, she had a Power Port implanted last week which they accessed for the 1st time today, and it worked great. She is very glad to be rid of the picc line that she had in her arm since she was in the hospital in July. Her doctor is very pleased wit
  7. Hey Everyone, My wife Janice and I need prayers! I haven't been on here much lately, My wife is battling lung cancer. She has Small Cell Lung Cancer which is in the extensive stage, due to the fact that it is in both lungs, both adrenal glands, lymph node in the right side of her neck, and outside the lungs on the medial sternum. She begins her 2nd round of chemo on Monday. then Radiation sometime in the next 3 weeks, Probably with the 3rd round of chemo. We need prayers, Also, if anyone knows of any good sources for financial support, I am open to suggestions. Thanks, Jim
  8. For anyone who has not heard, The Captain of the merchant ship that was being held hostage by Somalian pirates off the coast of Somalia is free, and three of the four pirates that were holding him, have died from "Accute Lead Poisoning" ie shot and killed by American Military Sharp shooters. The fourth pirate is in US custody on board the USS Bainbridge. Way to go!!! to Captain Phillips, and all the Navy personell and agencies involved. HAPPY EASTER
  9. Every time someone says the "Q" word. Or when I have something important to get done. And you are correct Jake, there is no such time incrament as 24:01. Marinal time or Military time as most call it, ends at 23:59:59 and begins at 00:00 hrs. Just Sayin
  10. There are three points to be made here, first, yes, you need to use a strobe flasher and controller to have a "strobe" effect, and you should be using LED lights, not incadecent trailer lights. Second, No matter how many lights you put on your POV, only about 10 % of drivers are going to notice them or heed them and move over for you, running emergency lights on a POV does not give you any special right of way, you still have to abide by all traffic laws in most states. Third, you should Never park your POV upstream of an accident scene, always park beyond the scene whenever possible, or out o
  11. And just how do! you get Elf Dung out of your carpet?
  12. Hey Sheri, Welcome to the city! A piece of advise given to me when I started in EMS is, Eat the fries first.
  13. My thoughts on this may be a little bias, as I am a member of a rescue squad, we are contracted as a first responder for MEDIC, which is the counties ALS/Transport service and they direct all EMS in the county, We are responsible for rescue and extrications and assisting with on scene BLS care. We are one of only three certified Heavy Rescue Units in the county and our duties include Extrication, High Angle Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Search, Etc. Everyone on the squad is an EMT-B and must get certified as Rescue Tech. within 2 yrs of joining the squad. We do not do any transport, only on scen
  14. Hey Odorono, Mateo gave you great info about MEDIC in Charlotte, they are the only Transport agency in Mecklenburg County with the exception of Mint Hill. So they are very busy. I am with North Mecklenburg Rescue Squad, we are contracted by MEDIC as a first responder/BLS and one of the busiest certified heavy rescue squads in NC. MEDIC has a MEDIC/BASIC truck posted at our station 24/7. Where in upstate NY are you located? I grew up in the Elmira area. I moved to the Charlotte area in the late 70s. This is a great area to live and work in, and being one of the fastest growing areas in
  15. Yawl are in our thoughts and prayers, Glad to hear things are looking better, Get some rest and update us as you can. God bless!
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