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  1. Firstly, Thank you for your service to our country. There has been an issue here in WV over a Deputy Sheriff having a tattoo. I posted a link, just some reading. http://www.newsandsentinel.com/page/content.detail/id/529293.html
  2. I was under the impression with the online submission, when my STO validated the hours by "electronically signing" his portion of the form, that would be sufficient. I sent them copies of my cards, I did not get a course certificate with my ALS, PHTLS, etc. and apparently a valid card did not suit the needs of the National Registry. I guess it's just sour grapes on my part. None, and I mean none, of the other National Registry Paramedics I work with have ever had to submit copies of their course certificates, valid cards, and a signature of our STO had been approved. Edit-I can mail the
  3. My National Registry card expires on March 31, 2010. I completed the online portion of my recertification, my training officer verified my training electronically, had my medical director sign his part. Today I get a letter stating my "registration is being returned", the National Registry is wanting copies of all my certificates for my 48 hour refresher training. I mailed in copies my ACLS card, BLS card, PALS card, PEPP card, PHTLS card, ITLS card and a copy of my state EMS education record with my printed application with the correct signatures. My question is: Has the National Registry
  4. Sorry your Steelers didnt make it to the play offs. I guess you and JT will both have to root for MY COWBOYS!

  5. Want to make a bet on the superbowl? Dallas and Steelers?

    *evil grin*

  6. Dallas has a football team?

  7. Dallas has a football team?

  8. Dallas has a football team?

  9. No last night you were a REDSKINS fan that way if by some freak of nature they beat my cowboys which didnt happen, I could have blamed it all on YOU!

  10. Redskins?! I am a Steeler Fan

  11. Hey WHAT is up with your REDSKINS?.... DALLAS IS ROCKING!

  12. I posted my first blog..Tell me what you thing.

  13. Well, I have never been one to even consider writing a blog, at least I am going to give it a shot. It has been almost a month I have been off work due to a pretty serious and maybe career ending back injury. It was the first of August, we were 911 dispatched for a "public service" call. Myself and a partner I worked with that day responded to "assist" an elderly female patient who had fallen, but was not injured off of the floor. This partner I was working with that day was not my normal partner, and this guy has been known to slack and not pull his share of the weight so to speak, mo
  14. Dan You know I am just a call email or text away if you need to talk or want to talk.

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