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  1. My view on patient presentation comes from what I know and have learned. Learning doesn't stop in the classroom.
  2. Being a firefighter and also in EMS, it is my opinion that a 911 EMS unit should not do rehab. Of course though many areas simply can't do any better. A 911 should be available, but not obligated to to rebab. Many places have specified rehab units packed full of water and coffe, small snacks, etc etc. Each time a firefighter comes out of the building, or appears to be tired, which should be noticed by a rehab officer, that person should be evaluated. Simple vitals taken such as BP, pulse, pulse ox (yea i know fire.. smoke CO, false readinds and all that mumbo jumbo). I have seen too many times, a person coming from the fire, sweating like crazy, getting a new air cylinder, then going back in. It's bad all around. No control from officers if you ask me. Firefighters aren't super heros, no matter how much they think they are. Human just like everyone else. Take care of yourself, officers look over your crew!
  3. I have seen relationships work real well in the work place. Seen some work not so well. Have seen some relationships start from the work place and lead to marriage, also seen some ruin marriages from relationships. These things will happen regardless of being in the work place or not. It's not where the relatationship is, it is who the people are.
  4. Good luck! it's a very gut wrenching exam. It's not a hard one, just... confusing so to speak. Anyone who has taken it, knows what I mean. I would have been sweating beach balls. Hope you pass!
  5. More education is always better for the simple reason you know WHY you are doing something, and not just because you are supposed to. More people need to stop treating patients by way of "because this is what I was taught". More times than not, your patient isn't going to be the one you read of in your text book.
  6. Underarmor FTW! Short sleeves, light color shirt
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