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  1. some people in my department think they need to use them all the time i dont agree. i dont think all calls need them. if you have a pt with a non emergant illness i dont think they are needed. another question i have is when doing a transport from one hospital to another do you use them
  2. http://www.wwnytv.net/index.php/2008/06/16...ows-no-remorse/ here is another sad storie. This is soneone that really needs to have justice surved to her
  3. i live in a kinda small area and we only have one paid day mon- friday crew that consists of a paramedic and a driver. all the rest of the time it is vollies, and you have to stay at the building to pull your shift and they are every 6th day. there is also a time where no one is at the building and if we get a call at that time its who ever shows up at the building to take it.
  4. good luck keep us posted.
  5. volly they do it to help they are not doing it for a check like the the paid person is.
  6. our company charges and initual charge and then so much a mile. but we take what the insurance company pays and than what is left will bill the pt and they pay what they can.
  7. i am so glad i have found this site i am new to the ems system and i want to become an aemt hope i can do it
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