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  1. I have been searching the net for about a week now looking for these "flight crew car seats". I first saw one when we did a flight team transport to a local childrens hospital, they have a buckel that stretches around the cot and then has a five point restraint for the child. They are real thin like a pt mover. Does anyone know what I am talking about, or where I can find info about them? Thanks in advance.
  2. So my question is this: Does your patients religion/spirituality affect/change your treatment/plan of care? As a brand new paramedic living in an area where we have most religions represented, should I take my patients soul into consideration? We have some Muslims (Arab and non Arab heritage), and I know there are very strict rules involving men's interaction with women. We also have Jehovah's witnesses, and they don't give or receive blood, blood products and the such for fear of it tainting their souls (and does synthetic count too?). Any thoughts or words of wisdom...
  3. We have a SCT, Special Care Transport, truck in our service that is used to transport vent and high risk (possible care above standard ALS) adult patients to and from the leveled trauma, burn and other specility hospitals. They often get the very long distance trips as well. They are staffed with a Critical Care Medic and they carry Rock, Sux, and Diprivan for sedation and also Humalog. It is the only truck in our company, as well as this area of the state too ( I think), to carry these.
  4. It seems to my simple mind that "they" (illegals) get more privileges and considerations in regards to the Constitution that doesn't even cover them. The Constitution, EMTALA, Medicare, Medicaid and the such should not/do not cover any who are not US citizens, that being said I believe that we should help those in need just not at the expense of everyone else. I have no problem with anyone seeking and obtaining whatever emergency care is needed (chest pain center, stroke center, leveled trauma), but I do have a problem with someone who does not contribute to society (specifically paying taxes) getting better care than my wife and kid.
  5. Sounds like they(these type of schools) see a cash cow, and everyone else sees the truth of a walking talking lawsuit.
  6. After being on the wrong side of Dust couple of times.... I see that
  7. Thanks for the help kinda what I was figuring... on a side note: some(most) of th ER staff was pissed that the Dr. did that. A couple of nurses put it in the Docs Lounge fridge to slow its metabolism in an attempt to keep it alive, as far as I know the effort failed.
  8. Is there a 1-800 number one may call when you get a 9-1-1 that involves an animal? I ask because I had a call the other day where an 8 year old boy got bit by his "pet" turtle. I think it was a snapper, and I had no idea how to make the turtle let go of the kids finger. We ended up transferring the kid and the turtle to the ER, where the Doc gave it some Vecuronium, needless to say the turtle let go. It got me wondering if there was some number that I could have called to get some, or any, advice. I tried calling 4-1-1 for local and county animal control, but only got the humane society after hours; and my Internet search afterword proved equally fruitless. Any help would be great thanks in advance.
  9. The ending to this story from the courts: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1...2/posts?page=51 Missouri police officer fined $18,000 for arresting firefighter on emergency call 03:59 PM MST on Friday, February 15, 2008 (KMOV) -- A police officer in Hazelwood will have to pay thousands of dollars for getting into it with a firefighter while he was trying to help an accident victim. News 4 obtained police video that shows the Hazelwood police officer arresting a fire captain while he's trying to move an injured driver. It happened on Interstate 270 back in May of 2003. Officer Todd Greeves wanted a fire truck moved to open up another lane of traffic. The Robertson Fire Protection District Captain wanted the truck there to protect emergency workers. Officer Greeves has been ordered to pay $18,000. His attorney says he's disappointed and that his client's conduct was not malicious in any way. I have been told he (the officer) was fired as well. I don't know that for sure, nor can I find anything on it doing a two min. google search, but I do know that around here in fire and ems he is hated and dogged.
  10. Seriously: -10 for even suggesting this though. So, instead now you want officers all over the state to wonder if the unthinkable happens to them that they may not get to see their spouse or kids again in this life all because of one man's poor judgement. What about the ones that say, "Fine, don't come for us; we'll see how you like being on your own"? If I was in PD's shoes down there and someone shot their mouth off with this that would be my reaction. That trooper over-reacted with irrational behavior. He should face some disciplinary measures, in step with his actions and his jacket, set by his Chief and possibly the DA.
  11. Common everyone you forget EVOC 101: L&S means all rules are null and void to you.
  12. So please educate my completly ignorant American mind: The Canadian government has a monopoly on medical field companies? No other EMS company can come in and set up shop? If I am understanding this right, I think I would rather have the freedom to choose over universal health care system. I FAIL (sorry for the pun) to see how the "man" can keep a second or third service from opening up, and it be legal.
  13. If it is like that, and everyone is that upset with status quo, why not change it? How hard would be for another EMS service to come in and set up shop. If they(the new company) offers better than what is given by them(the old company) then the old company will have to change its standards and practices or be shut down for lack of staff and/or business?
  14. You must have forgotten about the stupid amount of pointless stress placed on those testing. It is not hard to fail, but very very easy. One simple stupid mistake and you second guess everything you did. I don't learn from that kinda crap, I second guess everything from that point on ineffect making myself useless. When was the last time you showed up on scene and only got information to questions you ask? People are always throwing (often useless) information at you as soon as you get out of your ambulance. I just took (May 16th) the NR practical and passed on my first try. IMHO the NR needs to be more "real life" and less scare the crap out of you stressful.
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