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  1. Hiya..i'm coming over in a couple of weeks to see about a job up in Seattle..This visit wil be a holiday and a chance to see if i'll be happy there..I have a friend who has been talking to his bosses about me getting employment there and we will be going to see them when i'm there..So fingers crossed for me
  2. hahahaha,..of course lol..but thanx Aaron
  3. thanks...both of you...Spenac...have faith lol
  4. i've finally qualified!!!...USA here i come!!!!
  5. erm,im laughing..but i can assure you it is a joke..although i have been at some scenes where them vests would come in very useful at times!!!
  6. oh yes,more than once!!..but thats all im saying :oops:
  7. holy hell...im lost for words here..and its rare that happens!!!!!! :shock:
  8. hrmmmmm..im always a mile behind every1 in reading and posting,but!!!...where in the uk can you earn £40.000 as a paramedic???...i would love to know!!....would love to work there 1 day!
  9. thanx for that k6..but if only it was that easy lol!!
  10. see i aint got that problem..newcastles got a fantastic nightlife..although i dont often get time to go out and party!!!....
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