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  1. 20 and now i love it! how old when you got your first pet
  2. i want to say 6... how old were you when(if ever)you had your first cigarette?
  3. 15 when i started working how old were you the first time you lost a loved one?
  4. 19 when i started dating my boyfriend... 6 years later im still waiting..... how old were you when you knew what you wanted to do "when you grow up"?
  5. 18(sadly) how old were you when you THOUGHT you were old enough to make your own decisions in your life
  6. 15 how old were you when you fell in love for the first time?
  7. valentines day has always been a ripoff for me, my birthday is th next day. i get a card thats about it.i think last year was the first time in 24 years that i ever got a gift, i was not expecting anything, i never do but it was a nice surprise.i dont understand how some girls expect things nice things at that.i dont know i just dont get it
  8. i have one guy that the only way i can describe his smell is a dirty hamster cage its really nasty to say the least....
  9. in my area all BLS and transport trucks have an AED that being said i have run cpr calls with no als, or 1/2 was to the hospital you lose a pules. why in the world would you not put a AED on a bls truck?
  10. i have so many....this is a few.... the crew that is on before me is always nice enough to leave me with 3/4 gas,unmade stretcher, and no portable 02.never fails every week.they are just lazy people. restocking the truck does not bother me to much because i check everything during rig check (even if they tell me they used nothing), i also decon my truck before every shift i NEVER trust the crew before me no matter what crew it is
  11. i am really kinda surprised by the amount of people that said no. most people that you talk to in my department or in the other surrounding areas have done it in there building at least once
  12. yes but never in the ambulance that just kinda grosses me out
  13. i would help out sounds like fun
  14. my police dispatchers get the call, from that point they send PD over to the call, then they call ems, or fire, also depending on the call they will call in als. when i get the call over my pager in theory they give us the dispatch time. my pcr has a case number from pd, and the time the call was received. we are to fill in the rest of the times(responding, out on the call, to hospital,clear hospital and time als arrives) .my response time starts as soon as i get the page.
  15. that is the best song for cpr i sing it to my self when i do it. when i first stared ems one of my friends told me about it and i never really thought about it till i did cpr for the first time and it really is the best beat for it
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