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  1. Let's see..I entered the US Air Force in 1995...we were Security Police back then...then I cross-trained into Airfield Management and stayed in that career field until 2004 and by then they were back to Security Forces...and yes, Security, Law Enforcement, CATM (Combat Arms Training and Maintenance), and K9 LE were combined (though you still needed separate tech school for CATM and K9...the second time through the career field, I was LE (on the road as a regular cop)...When we talked to regular civilians, we tended to call ourselves "Base Police" and when we approached a subject, we referred t
  2. Thank you, thank you, *taking humble bow*...I have a tendancy to second-guess myself sometimes...and for the record, I haven't heard that either...I just sort of typed it...seemed the right thing! Guess I'm cool
  3. Ok, I gotta question...In the military, I was an AF cop and a first responder...of course, comparing a first responder to a medic/emt is probably like comparing a medical transcriptionist with a nurse...so I didn't have that much training...basically I was given a crash course in hyper first aid and buddy care, and cpr...not that much, but it was enough to make me interested...however in Oct 06, I was diagnosed with a chronic medical condition (Common Variable Immunodeficiency)...I have no immune system, so working in a hospital setting is probably NOT a good idea for me...without treatment...
  4. In military (at least USAF) law enforcement, EMS/FIRE are primary on scene...police don't take over until injuries have been assessed...HOWEVER...depending on type of call...ie, hostages with injuries, suicide attempt, accident, etc... Let me give example...I was a first responder in Honolulu, HI...on Hickam AFB...I happened to be the lead patrolman that night and we got a call of a woman falling (or being pushed) out a second story window. Code 3 all the way, rolled on-scene and I found the female lying on the ground bleeding like a stuck pig (no, she wasn't fat...it was a figure of speech!
  5. Ok, being the FNG (F'ing new guy) in this site, I'm gonna go ahead and post my "tactical" (yes, pun intended) two cents on this issue...being on both sides of this...IE, first responder AND cop in the military (now retired)...I am a bit torn on this. Yes, I understand Geneva Conventions, non-combatant rules, yada yada yada...however, the world has changed...The temperment of the world has changed and it seems these days that the US is the only one really abiding by the rules (when the news crews are rolling tape anyway!)...In order to remain a non-combatant, then medics cannot carry...HOWEVER
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