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  1. You are all going to like this one. Critics: H1N1 bill gives too much power Updated: Thursday, 08 Oct 2009, 4:40 PM EDT Published : Thursday, 08 Oct 2009, 4:40 PM EDT * Veronica Cintron * Matt Caron CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) - A bill that would give the state the power to isolate those infected by the H1N1 virus passed the House on Thursday. Public health officials would also be able to set up quarantines to contain an outbreak. In addition, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health would have the power to evacuate public buildings and even close access to conta
  2. Seriously thunder? wow its too cold for a storm.

  3. Seriously thunder? wow its too cold for a storm.

  4. Seriously thunder? wow its too cold for a storm.

  5. That is exactly what I mean they don't know how many are the regular flu and how many are the actual H1N1. I just can't stand them all saying that there is an estimate of so many people having the swine flu yet they are not actually sure. There is no facts to these statements they are sending out. Just to show you what I mean I will copy a article from the past week. Mass. estimates 20,000 swine flu cases First vaccine shipment set to arrive next week Updated: Thursday, 01 Oct 2009, 10:05 AM EDT Published : Thursday, 01 Oct 2009, 10:05 AM EDT WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) - An estimated
  6. You got to hate that. The companies try and use your blog entry to get hits on Google and other searches. Most of the time it is just plane ol posting your entry on to their site. They only include the trackback feature so they can't be hit with plagiarism It has always been a pain in the butt for me too. But I do think it is a good idea to have a feature to shut them off on here. Its not right to have everyone's posts being used for no good.
  7. You know what would be great but will never happen? If they actually tested the sick to find out if they had H1N1 and not just the flu. But like I said its not happening this state has stopped testing all flu like symptoms (except for the deadly ill) for the dreaded swine flu. So now everyone with flu like symptoms are being classified as having the horrid swine flu even when they don't. Welcome to the pandemic of the normal flu season. How many people knew that some states like Massachusetts and New Hampshire have stopped testing 99% of the suspected cases? Don't worry I am sure the
  8. so true but so damn fun to watch at times.
  9. Or gloves for that matter "Here Mom help me out and stick your dirty finger in your sons neck so I can treach him."
  10. Maybe for episode two we should have a drinking game while watching it. Ya know take a shot for each pt abandonment or chug for a misplaced ET tube. I'm sure we could come up with some very fun ways of getting trashed while watching the show. Then it might be fun to watch.
  11. No actually I am not that worried about what happened in 1918 it may have been a pandemic that killed that many people back the but it is now 2009 and our medical care is a lot better than it was back in 1918. But just remember we are the ones creating these super viruses and bacteria. I'm not saying no one should get the vaccine just saying that I will not be getting one. But hey if we have a repeat of 1918 again you can call me out on it. Don't worry its only my opinion.
  12. I don't believe that we should be mandated to get a vaccine for a virus that is just going to mutate over time and get stronger. Now I do believe that people who are at rick should get vaccinated but I do not believe that everyone should have to get it. I also think that this entire "pandemic" is over rated. My service has already had to go through training for the emergency dispensing site for the H1N1 vaccine. I will keep my opinion to myself about how I feel with that. I think everyone needs to remember just how many people a year die from the regular flu. It sure beats H1N1 b
  13. Guinness you mean that dark stuff. Man your a puss not wanting to drink it! Its some good stuff.... hahaha Skirt... LOL
  14. He made it shes sane again.. Well Ok as sane as he ever was to begin with. Rid he had his Guinness at Cheers. But Ill tell ya nothing like standing in the ocean at 30 degrees now is there? Your welcome any time you know that. Ha my first post in months.. Go figure.... I think I'm getting sick or something.
  15. Ahhhh yes the power of sugestion. or just tricking them and lieing to them to make them believe in something.
  16. Not just who are you trying to impress but more of who are you trying to convince? Everyone else or yourself? We all know that talking like that is just a big circle jerk. Everyone gets off on what your saying but does nothing to change the way it is.
  17. NO matter where you work there will always be one or more people who just dosnt get it. I myself work for 2 different depts and well we have the same problem in both places. One person should of had her cert taken away years ago. But for some reason there's a no touch policy on them and no matter what the write up it gets tossed and its over and done with just like that. On the other dept we have a few. One has been riding for 2 years as a third and hasn't masted the radio or even tried to. We have had to restrict him from using it. He also doesn't put any effort into his training or educ
  18. Theres alot fo debate on this subject all over the forums. Try to nail just one down is a hefty task. Normaly for our dept we dont let anyone under the age of 18 to ride. More of a legal issue than anything. We have thought of starting an "explorer" program over at the high school and get them interested in the first aid and emergency medical services but that fell short due to the age restriction for them to ride. As for some being to young in different parts of the country I think of it this way. If they dont want to see it dont look. If you dont want them to see it sit there
  19. Thank goodness I live in the sticks. All LZ's are done by fire. Every town we work with has an understanding that the helo will not land without one engine and a charged line at the LZ. Saftey first. We have many sites for landing zones. None of which are on the MassPike or any other road. There are enough fields and parking lots to safely land in without all the danger of the road way and what comes with it. I cant tell you how many times the surrounding FD's have interupted baseball games and nameless other things going on in the community just so the helo can land. My perso
  20. Ha i had a girl try to overdose on some sleep med... damn I cant remember the name now... But its the one that you really cannot OD on cause you would have to take soo many pills you would just puke them back up. Man was she pissed when I told her that those wont kill you and you need to take a godawful amount to even get sick off of them. Ohh yeah and she tired to drink a bottle of generic cough med. hahhaahhah I asked if she was seeing pretty colors... turns out it didnt have the proper med in it like the tussin did... LOL
  21. If your thinking about coming to New England stop that thinking right now. Well unless you want to work in Connecticut or something. Mass sucks donkey butt. and our protocols are retarded. But if it was me and I had the chance to move anywhere in the US I would have to say Key West. My one visit there has me hooked. I love it down there and damn just imagin what you can have for calls... LOL
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