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  1. Mabye stepping back and looking at these patients as an opportunity for you to help with a more personal touch. You need to be patient at the same time and avoid getting too personal, for your sake. I can understand your trouble with this. Although I do not find the same with myself, I think we all have trouble with certain patients and situations.
  2. There should be no exceptions here. He should be removed from service IF FOUND GUILTY.
  3. This makes perfect sense. I have seen a few cases of people who come into the ED AFTER having "Chest Pain" for 4-6 hours, sometimes more. They don t come in right away because "I have chest pain, but it can't be a heart attack because my left arm doesn't hurt." or, "It has to be just reflux because it doesn't look/feel/seem like a heart attack(but Ive never had one, seen them on TV), etc." etc..... This can also be a problem when they wait to come in, and blood test are done in the ED, and by this point the pain may have subsided or even dissapeared. Torponin Cardiac Enzyme can take up
  4. Someone must've wrote in Elmur Fudd.....
  5. If our only choices are Jeb and Hillary, God help us. Lets hope Nader runs again..... :shock:
  6. My days off always semm to entail meetings at work. For some reason no one can schedule a meeting of any kind on the days that I am scheduled. Only on my days off. Seems to be my luck. Other than that, my typical days off include much relaxation and winding-down. Also, school, school, and more school. Classes, studying, etc.
  7. Also, let me mention this: As I said, my Intermediate class also gave the choice. The catch was, to enter into the Paramedic Program, you had to be I-99, and if you were I-85, you had to do a Bridge program that was 6 weeks of class and 250 hours of Clinical time, and then you were permitted to enroll into the P program. Make sure that this is not the case with your program, and either way, I would still suggest the I-99 level.
  8. Go with the 99. My I class was the same way.
  9. A few sprays of expired Nitro on the doorknob give people a little rush. Lidocaine Jelly on the toliet set.
  10. Very typical of stress. Not to mention that daily expierence can drudge up past expierences in some people. No sleep can definately make me a little grumpy. Every day is very stressful for me, but when I get home I really take the time to myself and with family to wind down properly. Luckily I do very good with stress and coping.
  11. Now it is called EMT-Intermediate 99 which is the new standard. EMT-I includes a lot more than just IV and intubation - It includes ACLS, cardiology, medication (no longer just assisting), and a much better understanding of EMS, events, traumas, etc. IMO Intermediate was very helpful to me, even though I am not recignised as an I. Here in CO, Intermediates are not recognised by any services to my knowledge anymore, mabye a few VERY rural services. I know thatmany rural services rid of that, and no services in the city do. Around here, being a basic without an IV certification, you won't
  12. I would not be bouncing off the walls with happiness, but I would meet the guy and shake his hand. As for a relationship - No.
  13. I can understand where he is coming from on this all, however. I mean, if he and his girlfriend work the same shift, that allows time at home, that sounds reasonable. Trust me, my girlfriend and I work opposite shifts, and don't get much time to get out together. However, to work the same BLS Tx car together, don't bet on it.
  14. I have seen many people, partnes or otherwise start relationships in EMS that always end up in a really nasty breakup, not to mention that the word travels fast through the departments. Also, keep in mind that you cannot get your cert, apply for the job, and in the interview say "My girlfriend also applied here, and we would like to work the same shifts." You'll never get hired. Not to mention that even if you do get hired, you won't be picking your own shifts for some time. Have to work up in the ranks a little.
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