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  1. Funny... I just applied a few weeks ago...
  2. Haix Airpower! Hands down the best thing I've EVER put on my feet! Steel toe, steel shank, crosstec bloodborne pathogen proofing... yada yada yada Expensive but i don't think i'll ever buy anything else... these are great!
  3. How about we simply but the blame for everything where it belongs... with the individual. Whether it's the individual that thought it would be funny to put a sheet over a student... or the individual that comes to work with a crap attitude that makes everybody want to avoid him... or the person whose attitude brings down the wrath of everyone on them... It's not project... it's not shifts... it's the individual and the choices they make in the course of a day. Poor chioces are simply that, poor choices. It doesn't necessarily make someone a bad person, it just means they made a bad decision.
  4. CB... knowing this state, it's probably just another way to punish the masses for the sins of the few... Welcome to the People's Democratic Republic of New Jersey...
  5. Dust... I think the easy answer here is availability. They're usually available, they're usually close, they come in groups of 3-5, and (at least here) they're usually happy to assist. I truly don't see many other viable options. You wouldn't want to take 2 additional EMS units out of service to get 4 more hands for the 5 story carrydown of the 200kg unconscious patient, would you? I'm a firm believer that many hands make lighter work and if someone's help adds years to my career (read: back/knees), I'm all for it!! That said, I don't believe that Fire should respond on all ALS jobs (somed
  6. Asys... Talk about stereotyping!! Talk about being WRONG!! 1) I am not, nor have I ever been a member of the republican party. 2) I am not, nor have I ever been a member of the National Rifle Association. You, sir, have just shown yourself for the ignorant ass that you must be. "Anyone that doesn't agree with me MUST be one of THEM" As far as paranoia goes, it doesn't live here. It doesn't even vacation here! Funny how disturbed you get when people disagree with your line of thought, as rational as the "opposition" may be... One moment, I'm just another Paramedic, the next I'm
  7. Ah, the joys of a system divided... between public and private employees... I completely understand why the state would not want to provide a benefit to an employee of a non-governmental agency. If they wanted to do that, they could have easily included uniformed security guards employed by private companies or, members of a corporate fire brigade. I would say that this falls back on the system with people on both sides of public/private employment... a house divided... We either need to ALL be government employees or ALL be ready to be treated as less than our police and fire counterpar
  8. Can all sides agree on a few things here? 1) Typically, it's known/habitual/career criminals that commit an act of violence against others. Sure, we all hear about the guy that snapped and brought a shotgun to work... THAT is what the news outlets want us to hear/see... because it breeds fear... fear sells papers and makes people watch the news at noon, 5, 6, 7, and 11. When is the last time any major news outlet advocated ANYONE protecting themselves (through the use of a firearm, a pocket knife, fist, or the threat of a papercut)... they just don't. Don't take my word for it, watch th
  9. Medic2588... You know... I find it heart-warming that we are prepared for catastrophic events which may never occur in this state... YET, they still refuse to change the laws necessary so as to guarantee a BLS ambulance on everyday jobs!!! 3- Step solution-- 1) MANDATE that municipalities provide EMS 2) REGULATE the EMS that is provided... training/equipment/response times 3) INVESTIGATE problems and correct them as they occur THEN you can worry about a task force to respond to the glory-jobs... Talk about backwards priorities... we can't make peanut butter and jelly san
  10. The next town over has their ambulance equipped with one... GREAT IDEA, on paper... 1st, you either kill your back dragging the patient/cot at ground-level to the bus OR you have to lift the patient/cot and lower it to a position where it will lock into the bus... 2nd, once at the hospital you are again either lifting patient/cot once you have off-loaded them (to bring them into the hospital) or you're stuck dragging again... 3rd, once next to the ER bed, if you didn't lift it before you have to do it now... the ER bed doesn't go all the way to the floor By my count... that's more
  11. Mediccjh... Point-by-point here... 1. I could not agree with you more... Maybe we can have them all just deploy themselves to Liberty State Park for an undetermined period of time...?? 2. AMEN!!! 3. I somewhat agree... On the medical side of things, the hospital is the place for us... BUT unless you're at UMD or another state facility, the pension is more myth than reality and Lord knows being part of a hospital also means that if your signature doesn't end in "RN" or "MD" they really don't want to pay you much more than housekeeping... Oh, and as far as corruption in NJ goes, the
  12. After we regulate ALL BLS... let's get Medics and Paid EMTs into the training fund. I love how the state only cares that you are a volunteer to provide free training... they don't care if you actually DO anything... The money would be better spent on people that we KNOW are doing this for their career... You would get a better return on your money than by training the hobbyist the might make a job or 2 a week... if not less...
  13. Ok... How about a simple and reasonable start-point... LET'S FUND AND STAFF THE OFFICE WE HAVE NOW! There needs to be a structure in place before they are "spun-off" DHSS... Once their staffing is up, LICENSE AND REGULATE ALL BLS!!! Volunteer... Career... Private... Hospital... whatever... the job is the same... THE STANDARD SHOULD BE THE SAME!! None of this double-standard volunteer-coddling crap. Before somebody mouths off and accuses me of hating volunteers... I AM a volunteer and have been for 10 years. NOTE: The organization I volunteer with is not/has never been/nor will ever be
  14. Ruff... Ford Expeditions... no ambulances here... on the rare occasion an ALS unit is assigned an ambulance it's referred to as a "penalty box"... FormerEMS... Honestly, no... it wouldn't change my opinion... having an ALS unit in a transport capable vehicle only serves to benefit the patient... I may be having difficulty answering your question as I simply see no advantage to a "fly car" or an intercept vehicle that is not transport capable... The simple fact of the matter is that transport-capable BLS should be there, in the event they aren't... SOMEONE has to transport... In all honesty
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