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  1. Cheers for all the help lads, sent off a good lot of e-mails to different people and departments so hopefully they will get back to me soon. I will let ye know how I get on. Thanks a mill Jay
  2. The Irish emt course is 160 (4weeks) hours class room time and 35-40 (1 week) hours on a ambulance skills are as follows; Airway- Opa, Bvm, head tilt chin lift, cricoid pressure, jaw thrust and suctioning (NPA arnt really used here any more) Trauma- Inline immobilization, Helmet removal, limb stabilization (ie fracture but we are not aloud reline) Use of box splints and vacuum splints. head to toe survey, cap refill. placing px on spinal board. Medical-auscultation of chest, IM injections 3/4 lead ecg, recognise n
  3. Contact the Illinois Department of Public Health and explain your situation. They can help you decide what type of reciprocity you may have.

  4. Hi Everyone I'm hoping some one here can answer a few questions for me. I'm a trained EMT-B in Ireland, and I'm thinking of moving abroad far a while. I have family in Chicago so was thinking of taking a ramble in that direction. just wondering if any body knows how my qualifications stand over there? Is there a conversion course or would I have ta sit another EMT course? The Irsh EMT skills matrix and medication list can be found on www.pheccit.ie under "clinical practice guidelines." And what are the chances of finding a job? I know I would probably end up working for a private com
  5. I wonder does the same thing happen your first shift with a new qualification? did a shit the other day with another unit just ta help out and on what is normally a quite day we got two rta's a suspected elbow dislocation and numerous band aid runs........... went dead as soon as i left the ambulance......
  6. cheers lads! plenty of excellent info, thanks again. I,m hoping my experience will stand with me as well. so far i have been a rescue tech for 7 years, ambulance tech for 5 years, spent two years in the medical battalion of the Reserve Defence Forces (still serving), I'm a search tech and leader, and just started on the medical boat. just sent a few schools A E-MAIL with my clinical practice guidelines to see where my qualifications stand over.
  7. I don't have a job secured yet, but I can get a 12 month working Visa (work visa for under 35's, apparently its unique to Ireland) but I've been advised that once I'm in a job I can apply for the PR Visa. The only other option would be to apply direct for the PR, but have a 2 year wait while it all gets sorted. I'm open to where to go Province-wise, but I guess wherever I could get a job would be a safe bet. Hopefully you guys can help me out a bit. Thanks for the replies so far.... every bit helps.
  8. heya lads Unfortunately i lost my job today. So with things being the way they are here in the Emerald Isle looks like I'm gona have to pack up and move off in to the sunset. So I'm seriously looking at my options in Canada. spoken to a few lads over the past week or two and they have given me a list of qualifications i will need, one lad said if i get over he will organize testing and transfer of qualifications and all that. So how do things work over the water? also any one got any info on ambutrans or any other companies in Toronto? I was hoping to be able to hold out until January, so
  9. theere have been paramrdics in dublin for a while. they are useing honda pan europians. great bikes, fast and reliable. heavy by time the 02 and all the basics are loaed on. they are used as first response and they make a lot of sense in rush hour trafic.
  10. tjat has got me thinking..... my dad was in a crash on his motorbike a few months ago, hes ok thank god (minus a finger). it was my mam who rang me to tell me and i raced to the sceen and got there before the bulance. i think this could of braught it all back, because the feeling were prity similar after the whole thing was over. what ye think?
  11. thanks lads...... nice ta have such support form strangers..... gona explain the situation to my 1st officer asap and see what happens then. might try and talk to some of the crew that where with me, see how they feel. thanks again.
  12. hi lads best way to start this post is by telling ye all a bit about me. im a rescue worker, joind my rescue team when i was 16 years old and i love it! but just as with any job in the emergancy service, stressful. im 22 now and lately ive started geting flash backs and bad dreams about a call i atended when i was 17? we were out searching open coutry for a 12 yearold boy gone missing. this search was one of the most dramatic in the entire country. it went on for two weeks untill the boys body was found.(i dint find the body) i was in charge of my units team and we were all out searching fo
  13. In Ireland at the moment, it is very difficult to train/qualify as EMT/Paramedic, as all places on the national courses have been reserved/filled by those currently directly employed by the Health Service Executive or by the Defense Forces. As there are no private companies in Ireland to cater for those of us who are not employed in the aforementioned sectors, the only option left is to look abroad. Which comes to the question asked in my initial post - does anybody know how/if I can train/qualify as an EMT/Paramedic in the USA? And how/what is the proccess to do so?
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