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  1. AMR sucks, tries to take over EMS everywhere they go.......they failed in PA....
  2. Your a real winner...........and to support wendy....please....
  3. This has been happening quite often to people.....
  4. I was always taught that EMS workers or nurses were not allowed to diagnose.
  5. ..Are my eyes playing tricks on me, I thought I saw GOD of EMS apologize....someone pinch me, I think im dreaming......
  6. Ok, now you make sense.....that is dumb to stand there and wait, but seems like that is what happens alot of the times. BLS protocols differ from state to state, unfortunately.
  7. Will the REAL slim shady please stand up.........
  8. Oh great, just what we need another tool bag on EMT city....
  9. So, who got the blood sugar the medic or EMT? O wait, thats another thread...
  10. Well you know the old term.... "paramedics save lives, EMT's save Paramedics"
  11. PD should not have that so, thats the same with fire scenes.... seen them get burned before.
  12. As long as they are conscious, alert and oriented to all appropriate questions, the they can refuse,, right??
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