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  1. 1) Not going to blow the whistle about anything, as stated, you can't prove food was eaten in the back of the unit. However, I don't think it's right to leave the fast food wrappers and cups in the trashcan to stink up the unit. 2) It's more of a who is right kind of deal. What I had found was different with each place I looked. 3) I don't care if people want to eat on the unit, I've done it before. (Granted not in the patient compartment)... however don't leave the mess on the unit. If you put fast food wrappers in the trashcan, then empty the trash after the shift is over. Dway
  2. Okay, Here's the deal... My Captain and I were cleaning out the unit. I went to take the trash off the truck and in the trashcan, there were fast food bags, wrappers, and cups. 1) Is this indeed an OSHA violation that can result in a fine? 2) How much is said fine? 3) What are the limitations to this? (i.e. BioBag only? Food/drink trash on the truck in general?) 4) What's your department/company's take on food/drink in the unit? I have looked up at the OSHA site, however it's very broad. I can't really find a straight forward answer for the question. My Captain says that to
  3. Right now about $350. http://www.wdbj7.com/health/wdbj7-new-eyeglasses-could-make-bifocals-and-progressive-lenses-a-thing-of-the-past-20120110,0,3749709.story There are people out there wearing them. They were created locally in my area. I had the reverse problem. People would turn the AC up in the unit, jump out of the truck on a summer day, and couldn't see anything!
  4. I'm 20, I have bifocal lenses... I have to say it kind of trips you up with stairs.. however, I tend to lose/break glasses quite frequently. Last year I went through 4 pairs. With my track record of losing/them breaking them, I don't want to spend THAT much on 1 pair of glasses.
  5. http://www.lifeactivated.com/ I saw this on the local news, it's an interesting concept and I think it would be cool to own something similar, however, not at a $1200 price tag.
  6. I don't know. I recert in May, before any of these changes take effect, so I guess for now I'm safe. Granted, however, I am curious as to what they tack on to the "Advanced EMT" title.
  7. Okay, So I sent an email to the big dude over training for the county. What I got back said that EMT would still be EMT. However, enhanced would be moved and called "Advanced EMT". This "Advanced EMT" cert would be a blend of enhanced and intermediate skills. Intermediate and Paramedic will still remain. The details with this are so wound up it's hard to get a straight answer. I will keep updating this as I find out more.
  8. I had spoke to the Captain on this topic previously, he said that there would indeed be updates and essentially a bridge class. However, I am still questioning whether or not these changes are actually going to happen. I don't know if it would be a wise idea to move ALL of the EMT-Basics covered under WVEMS to a level equivalent to an EMT-Enhanced.
  9. Had an interesting conversation with a few of my fellow members at the station about new protocols that are supposedly coming out in June/July for the area covered under Western Virginia EMS. From what I understand, EMT-Basic will no longer exist. It will be "EMT". The person holding an EMT title will now function at the level of what now is EMT-Enhanced. Then you will also have EMT-Intermediate and Paramedic. I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about these new protocols or just protocol changes in general? (I realize we all don't practice under the same protocols, however I
  10. My heart goes out to everyone involved and also to their families. http://www.wdbj7.com/news/blogs/wdbj7-one-person-killed-in-accident-involving-ambulance-cement-truck-20120106,0,357692.story
  11. Street... the post was edited/removed by a Mod for content.... you're not going to find it. In lies the explanation
  12. Was browsing around and happened to find this story. Why would someone want to do this to people?? Slowly but surely losing faith in my fellow man. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/30/david-dean-smith-michigan-hiv-grand-rapids_n_1177103.html?1325293020&icid=maing-grid7%7Caim%7Cdl1%7Csec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D124026
  13. Got a 9-1-1 last night, dispatched for "subject sick". Dispatch gave us the further information.... "56 y/o female subject says her head is stuffed up. Wants to go to the hospital." We ended up transporting. Some people I just seriously wonder about.
  14. If it takes 10 minutes, it takes 10 minutes, if it takes an hour, it takes an hour. If it's not safe for the provider... then the provider doesn't need to enter the scene. I've noticed the pattern in his posts. Seems to try and start an argument regardless of the topic... it's sad.
  15. The first thing they teach in an EMT class.... "Scene safe, BSI." Is the scene safe? Yes: Okay, awesome. No: I'm not going in until PD is there, I'm going to stage at a safe distance... they'll just have to wait. I'm no good to the patient if I'm a patient myself. I'm also not going to try and move a patient without adequate resources. That's not only a potential risk to my patient, it's a risk to me as well. I can justify why I waited an extra 6 minutes for FD to get there to help me lift the 400lb patient... I don't think I justify trying to lift the patient, dropping them, a
  16. "Yeah...whatever." "Just sayin'" "Ya know?" Using text lingo outside of a text message. "OMG!! She said that?"
  17. I am getting really sick of people bursting my happy bubble!!

    1. spenac




  18. I have now heard almost everything over the radio: "Be advised, I'm going to need animal control. We have 4 dogs, a guinea pig, some cats... and possibly a Pterodactyl." LMAO!! Oh wow... the joys of being in a rural area.

  19. Dear DPT Entertainment... you're a jerk for pulling down a shit load of game sites without notice or reason... just to let you know.

  20. Forgive me if I repeat, been too long since I've jumped in on a scenario. First and foremost.. BSI. Scene safety. Dogs? Anything/anyone that could possibly hurt me or my partner? What's around her? Pill bottles? Anything that could possibly be perceived as a weapon? Clean home? A total wreck? Lung sounds? Double check the pressure to make sure. She's getting shocky. Plan to treat accordingly. I personally would be calling for an ALS intercept. Fluids aren't gonna hurt her at this point. Blood? How much? Where? On the clothes? Floor? Do we know how big of a laceration? Any bleeding
  21. Rain for 2 days, lots of rain. Now for the flooding and the winds. Possibly snow tomorrow night into Friday. I'm so not ready for winter!!

  22. Lots of rain, trees down everywhere, 50 degree temperatures, and no end in sight until tonight or tomorrow. Going to be an interesting duty shift tonight.

  23. I am going to go ahead and call the uber bullshit.....
  24. Loving the new station. Lots of calls, lots of stuff to keep me busy, lots of good people :)

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