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  1. I saw how old some of these topics that are still here. I started this this one in Feb '08 and never dreamed it would still be here. Let's get it rolling....again. "Rocky Mountain High" - John Denver
  2. Depends if it's a student or a civilian. In the classroom on the very first night I tell them if they ask a stupid question, usually void of common sense, that they would get a stupid answer. I know, 20K comedians out of work and I'm trying to be funny. But then I HIGHLY stress that there are no stupid question and go ahead and ask it. Someone else may have the same question. But I'm sure you are meaning a civilian. Um, there are so many. I might have to come back on this one.
  3. As a reminder, "Patience is a virtue." Well it's been so long since I've been active here at the "City", that's what I'm going to request for. So I'm going to submit a LOT of apologizes ahead of myself. If I'm too confusing, then just ignore me until I get reoriented. THANX.
  4. Sounds like back years ago when I was one of the "monitors". The one thing I stressed that if someone was wrong that there would be no name calling or derogatory remarks made. You corrected them. Then you had those who would call you out saying you were wrong. To make it worse they would not give their "right" answer. But I'm glad to see that you all have addressed it.
  5. See a LOT of familiar "faces". It has been a long time. I don't know if it was my own "burn out" or at the time you couldn't make a post about almost anything, regardless of subject, without being attacked from five different ways. When I started we discussed, then came the name calling, personal insults, and it became as if it was a competition. And that would be in topics I wasn't even a part of reason. I'm sorry to be blunt, but that's the reason I had stopped. I've missed a LOT of friends here. But things just got too intense. Too many narcissistic and self-righteous types.
  6. It's OVER in AL. The kidnapper is dead, little boy is "fine".

  7. Hello, my FB friends: I want to stay PRIVATELY connected with you. I post shots of my family that I don't want strangers to have access to!!! However, with the recent changes in FB, the "public" can now see activities in ANY wall. This happens when our friend hits "like" or "comment" ~ automatically, their friends would see our posts too. Unfortunately, we can not change this setting by ourselves because Facebook has configured it this way. PLEASE place your mouse over my name above (DO NOT...

  8. Well, thought I'd come back around. The last time I left you could actually "feel" that something wasn't right and knew it was only going to get worse. When most of the posts and/or comments consisted of what I thought about another member or what they said. At the time I think I was 7th or 8th most active member. I could see where things were becoming almost like a gossip or popularity contest. And there was those who were writing things, but wasn't saying a thing and a lot of one word or sentence just so they could run their post numbers up. And I'm not even going to start into the posts tha
  9. Well, I'm back, again. Sorry I keep leaving and returning. More changes, changes to changes, etc. I don't know where I had left off or when. Guess I'll have to look up last posts and such. I'm looking forward to getting back in contact with as many folks as possible, and to meet new people. No time tonight to go through things, so hopefully tomorrow I'll get something accomplished here.
  10. "For What It's Worth" - Buffalo Springfield
  11. Had a couple of times where I was going to do that. But I said one more try with the scope first. And I did. So I never actually didn't. When we were being taught it we had a joke that if you tried to do it and they bit down, your new nickname would be "Stubby".
  12. "Radar Love" - Golden Earring
  13. No, I'm refering to those who go from basic class, Intermediate class, to Paramedic class with TWO years. With very little field experience in between classes. If you count the years of how it use to be when I went through the whole process, it was a total of at least four years. I saw the question of what nurses learn that Paramedics do not need to know. The one's that came to my mind I thought of of patient care plans, long term observation and treatment, giving sponge baths (I know, that's something RN's rarely do, but it is part of a nurses training). There were some more that I can't
  14. I'd be for a full year of class room/ ride time to become a Paramedic. One of my biggest pet peeves is how an EMT-A or B can go to the next level then to Paramedic, boom, boom, boom now in many areas. Waaaay back when, we had to have been an active EMT-A for a min. of three years before moving on to the EMT-I class (having to pass an entrance exam of course). Then be a certified EMT-I for one a min. of one year before taking an entrance exam to get into the EMT-Paramedic program. You HAVE to be experienced and proficiant at a certain level before moving on. I know there are a lot here ha
  15. There was at least twice we were instructed to use a BVM, high flow O2, and to hyperventilate. BTW, it was the same doc. He was older and would walk around the hosp. doing rounds smoking. He had an ash try on the cart holding the charts. But he gave us those orders. I think he was trying to put them in an "induced coma" so we could tube without numbing the throat. Like I said, I hated it when we got those orders. The only other time we had a pt. that needed to be tubed, very evident CHF, but we could not relax his gag reflex, no matter what we did. I wanted to try some IV Valium or MS, but the
  16. Back in the mid to late 60's a propostition was made to the National Registry of Nurses if they would want to participate in EMS in the field. Then they turned it down. Hence they went with EMT's and eventually Paramedics. They were concerned nurses did not want to be involved in the heavy trauma/rescue which Medics do. They felt more compfortable "in house", but did express interest in ER nurses. In the late 70's and early 80's more and more ER nurses did want to go into the field. That's when they started the Mobile Intensive Care Nursing (MICN) programs. Also, an RN could challenge the Para
  17. "Flirtin' With Disaster" - Molly Hatchet
  18. In my earlier post I was not meaning the every day COPD/CHF pt. I should have clarified that in the post. I was refering to the pt. in a dire situation. I just gave examples of what can be done. It is up to Medical Control and the Lead Medic be in constant contact. I was going with the orders I have been given by Medical Control, some seemed just not right at the time. But each time after getting to the hosp. I would sit down with whoever was giving the orders and them explain them to me. I never liked being told to purposely knock out someone's breathing drive and tube them. But you are talki
  19. "Riders of the Storm" - The Doors
  20. I really haven't seen much of "Trauma", but I think I saw every "Emergency". "Trauma" is more like a soap opera. Johnny and Roy never shown panic, even in a dire situation. I worked with a guy that looked just like Johnny, and was constantly harrassed by the Chief to get his hair cut. But his skills were a little sub-par, but acceptable.lol When they put "Emergency or Emergency 1" in syndication, and I was then already in EMS, I noticed some "wrong" treatments. But back then in the early days of EMS those might have been the protocols of the time. EMS is always changing and is evolving, a
  21. I'm a little sleepy and I might have missed some info and I might be repeating myself. Let's get back to the basics. Remember, Asthma, COPD, etc. do NOT need high flow O2. 1-2 L/min with a nasal canula. You can increase it up to 3L/min if the patient can tolerate it. The pt. must be observed at all times. Be sure that they had used their own rescue inhaler. Some may have acute SOB and didn't or couldn't use their own inhaler. If not by all means try their inhaler first. If they use OTC Primatine, let them try it but discourage them from using it anymore and see about Combavent. If they have
  22. I don't know much about Lady Gaga, but she's got a great rack for being a guy. But who knows, she might still have a certain package. Nice voice, way out there. Don't EVEN get me started on the freakinish of MJ. That's exactly what he became. I appreciate his artist as a muscian, but life style, surgeries, exetrenicity, etc. and just plain "weirdness". I won't get into his sexual activities whether he did or didn't do what he was accused of. But whatever happened that triggered the suspician, something had to have something to do with it. Ok, I'm done, Jumping off my little soap box.
  23. It's just like how ER's and hospitals don't get paid everything. Too many people use the ER as a free clinic and ignore the bill. At least in the city I was in they considered us a free taxi sometimes. We'd have people call us for a minor "emergency" and would request a certain hospital in different areas of town. We'd take them, get them in the ER and as soon the nurse see's them they request to leave AMA even before being seen or examined. At one hosp. it was a 200 yrd walk to one of the malls. Do you think they are going to pay anything??? Yea, hold on to that dream.
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