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  1. I had one 80 yof had turned the nail back on her toe.. man my partner was pissed! No transport she was a refusal.
  2. I'm with Kaisu, I was a chef before so washing hands was normal. Now I wash vegitables and fruits soak em in bleach water. Won't shake hands if the other is sniffly!
  3. I put a few questions in the dowload section.
  4. Version .doc


    Here are quite a few calculation practice questions.
  5. File Name: Drug Calc Review File Submitter: pappasteve101 File Submitted: 30 Jul 2013 File Category: Misc Files Here are quite a few calculation practice questions. Click here to download this file
  6. I agree that when in the classroom you have to start by using an outline. Yet I have noticed during actual patient contact that the newbies are so busy trying to follow the outline that they aren't paying attention to patients answers. I often tell newbies that they have a very short time to build a relationship with a patient. They are going to ask questions no stranger normally has the right to ask and touch where no stranger would put his hands. I think the patient (and family) interview is extremely important.
  7. Well now you have my interest stirred up. I teach mostly by scenario forum, I try to create an environment similar to the scene and try to use props and make up often. But clues are linear because you are leading the students in a particular direction I don't know how you could avoid that. They don't get the clue until they ask the correct question. I would be very interested in any direction you have.
  8. As you mentioned I often pat them on the shoulder or hand. I once told another emt that when doing an assessment you are touching people where they are not used to being touched, so you have a very short time to build a relationship. Very important to have the right attitude with a patient.
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