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  1. I really didn't mean to poke the walrus.  His post was confusing and he left a lot to be interpreted to guesswork.  I think I hurt his feelings.  No offense was intended in my post.  

  2. www.traillifeusa.com 

    Trail Life USA is a Christian Outdoor Adventure, Character, and Leadership Program for boys and young men.

    Operating from Troops that are chartered through churches in 48 states, the K-12 program centers on outdoor experiences that build a young man’s skills and allow him to grow on a personal level and as a role model and leader for his peers.

    Living the Trail Life is a journey established on timeless values derived from the Bible.

    Ask me more


  3. The free game of the day on mlb.tv is the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox so if you want to watch the game for free go to mlb.tv and you don't need any type of access to see the game.

  4. This is the reason dr oz and the food babe are so dangerous

  5. How dumb can someone be. Give space to destroy. I always did think she is an idiot but she proved it by saying this. She should be unelectable for next term but they will spin this to where she looks like a hero. Like they said..this will be like the bush promise. No new taxes. A political stupid statement.

  6. My gift to everyone today

  7. Have no fear baltimore, sharpton is on the way.

  8. For Andrew Umland and Neal Sidebottom. What would you be thinking of this LZ??????

  9. This is what an awesome teacher does.

  10. Fox sports network apparantly is so choppy tonight that the game isn't enjoyable.

  11. That was pretty awesome testimony

  12. For what the police and child protective services did and is doing to this family is cruminal and they should be sued. Cps and the police will lose. This entire incident is scary and if it happened to them it could happen to you and your kids.

  13. Best news ive read all day. Where do i donate to send them there?

  14. Killed by their dirtbag father. These beautiful children sit by the hand of God and get to play with their maker every day. How ultimately lucky these two are.

  15. What is packaged meat trated with to preserve its pink colorartion? A. Lemon juice B. Acetic acid C. Argon D. Carbon monoxide E. Citric acid Answer to follow.

  16. So who are the other friends that the WH press sec refers to that may get into the race for president with Hillary? Could we see Rahm Emmanuel in the race as well? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.....me wonders. That would really take the wind out of ole Hillaries sails wouldnt it???

  17. I used to respect Barbara Walters but tonight, she interviewed a child rapist and supposedly made it look like this was a great thing. I don't care that this marriage has lasted 10 years, but this woman is a child rapist and she does not deserve to get national attention, especially POSITIVE national attention. This makes me sick.

  18. Either these people are really incompetent or it requires lots of steps

  19. Why when you as a uber driver you are in effect a taxi driver what is Ubers issue? You are getting paid to drive someone around so yes you are a taxi driver.

  20. So i am in the cafeteria getting my breakfast and hsve noticed a trend. No matter what time i come down here it can be any time in the mornung the same group of four women employees are sitting here having coffee. Same table. The times are different but if i come down with a co worker a hour later the same ladies are still sitting in the same table. I wonder if i can get their job? I doubly wonder if their boss knows that they are taking at least an hour break or even longer and i would su...

  21. Guess who gets the new galaxy S6 phones friday?

  22. My gosh this is going to be soooooo true

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