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    Investing, not failing med school...bringing the faux hawk back, randomly singing songs from the 80's as loud as I can.

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  1. is washing his jeans...on his abs!

  2. is washing his jeans...on his abs!

  3. is washing his jeans...on his abs!

  4. I have approved your comment. It meets a satisfactory level of competence for a comment. Does this font make my face look fat?

  5. Good times, at Johns Hopkins med, we are lucky if they let us keep our clothes...
  6. just thought i'd stop by and be the first "other person" to leave ya a comment :) hope you have a great day! :)

  7. Comment to myself? Why the hell not?

    You are an ace at riding boards!

  8. have had good luck with the ford chassis.......and the international one isnt bad either if you are going heavy duty, stay away from the dodge though!
  9. weve used them and like the alot, there are some problems however: 1: the air ride system sucks 2: stretcher brackets need to be changed from factory... 3. limited warranty hope this helps
  10. try e-one out of florida, they make some top of the line units, they are mostly known for their firetrucks, but they make a mean medic!
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