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  1. Great! Even though I knew something like that was gonna happen, I still managed to tip my chair over backwards. -Kat
  2. My partner managed to freak out the anestheologist during his appendectomy a few years ago. Apparently he only needed two more tubes for medic school, and asked if he could tube himself. Apparently everyone in the room did a double take. -Kat
  3. The only bumper sticker I have says "Normal people worry me." I got pulled over by a cop just so he could ask where I got it. -Kat
  4. Ok, please forgive me. It was a result of just waking up and checking the city while trying to get ready for work. Note to self: don't post when you're still half asleep. -Kat
  5. I really don't see a difference. So it's ok to risk transmission if you know they're dying, but not in any other circumstance? Patients can die on us anytime, anywhere. Correct me if I'm wrong, but by your line of reasoning I can only work codes from now on, since they're going to die anyways. -Kat
  6. Why would we disclose it to the patient? Yes, your employer should know, but why should the patient? My hepatitis status has nothing to do with my treatment of a patient. What possible effect would sharing this information have, other than scaring them? -Kat
  7. Woah! Death sentence? News to me. Hep B About 30% of persons have no signs or symptoms. Signs and symptoms are less common in children than adults. Chronic infection occurs in: 90% of infants infected at birth 30% of children infected at age 1–5 years 6% of persons infected after age 5 years Death from chronic liver disease occurs in: 15%–25% of chronically infected persons Hep C 80% of persons have no signs or symptoms. Chronic infection: 75%-85% of infected persons Cirrhosis: 20% of chronically infected persons Deaths from chronic liver disease: 1%-5% of
  8. These statistics are taken directly off the CDC's website HBV Healthcare personnel who have received hepatitis B vaccine and developed immunity to the virus are at virtually no risk for infection. For a susceptible person, the risk from a single needlestick or cut exposure to HBV-infected blood ranges from 6-30% and depends on the hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg) status of the source individual. Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg)-positive individuals who are HBeAg positive have more virus in their blood and are more likely to transmit HBV than those who are HBeAg negative. While there is
  9. I had chemo 7 years ago, when I was 16. Ever since then, my immune system sucks. I seem to catch everything that goes around, but I expect it now. I basically learned to live with it and live for the good days. -Kat
  10. The company I work for has a bariatric cot, and it is rated for 850lbs in the up position, and I believe 1600 in the down position. It can fit into any truck, as it uses the standard truck mounts. We have a bariatric truck with ramps and a winch, but it is out of service right now. The cot makes our job easier, but we still run into difficult situations, such as this one. -Kat
  12. We had a crew make the news recently with a charity run. A hospice patient's dying wish was to visit his newborn triplet grandchildren in the NICU. He was picked up, taken to the hospital, visited the family, and returned. News crews were there the entire time. -Kat
  13. Funny part about this is I got my best friend and me matching t-shirts with that saying a few years ago. She grew up in Louisiana, I grew up in Florida. Lord, I miss the south! -Kat
  14. And here I thought it was "y'uns all" that was the plural form. -Kat
  15. Hate to admit it, but it's true. -Kat
  16. Had an interesting one the other day. My partner was teching and I was driving. Dispatch: Medic XX, what's your location? Medic XX: Main and State Streets Dispatch: Clear, Medic XX. I need you to start to YY hospital for an ALS transfer. Medic XX: Negative. We have a patient on board. This was the point I turned around to make sure we still had a patient. I wanted to make sure I wasn't imagining things! -Kat
  17. Why do I get the feeling that just talking about it is gonna make me have a delivery in the next week? :? Note to self: call off sick. -Kat
  18. Don't you dare, spenac! I work with a medic, and in his words, "Delivery is a BLS skill." That's fine, because its a short haul to a any hospital in town, and we would more than likely be at a hospital before the patient delivered. However, since we're a private service, we get the high risk pregnancies going from outlying hospitals to high risk wards. I do NOT want to deliver a 27 weeker! (Had that two days ago) Spen, if you just jinxed me, I will come haunt you. :twisted: -Kat
  19. Here's what my last 3 weeks have been like: 1 week of low BP. No matter what the patient started out with, they either had low BP at the beginning of the run, or developed it part way through. 1 week of falls/broken bones. This I'm not too surprised about, considering the number of nursing homes we go to. 1 week of "They were in cardiac arrest yesterday/today/an hour ago, and we want them transferred home/another hospital." I know runs seem to come in groups, and I'm not looking forward to the next one. We've been doing a lot of OB runs lately, and I do NOT want to delive
  20. katgrl2003


    Not that easy. Most people at work know what it looks like because he shows pics of it. Big side note: he shows the pics BEFORE telling people what it is. The thing is, I love the company I work for. They do have some problems (what company doesn't?), and their main one is that they will not punish medics. I know these aren't good enough excuses for staying for some people, but I love working there. This is the way I look at it - instead of quitting and going somewhere else, why not stay and try to make the company a better place? I know I didn't do enough in this case, but I am tryi
  21. katgrl2003


    Probably should have, but it wouldn't have done any good. This medic is well known for pulling that kind of thing and has been reported in the past. Nothing has been done. It also wouldn't have gone over very well on my end, because about that time I reported another medic for sexual assault/harassment. -Kat
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    Told my regular partner about it, he said I should have shown the medic the proximal end. At least I got a laugh out of it. -Kat
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