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  1. 3 (I lived 30 minutes away from NASA headquarters) ...When you realized money doesn't solve everything?
  2. I agree with AK, calvert is very good. I was home schooled during 2nd grade, and that's what my parents used.
  3. I agree, I love kids. Especially the ones I can give back to parents when they start crying. :twisted:
  4. Note to self: Don't watch stuff that Kaisu posts when parents are in the room. That was flippin hilarious! -Kat
  5. No worries, Rich. I trust most of the guys here. And it's not a growl, short for girl (been using the nickname since I graduated high school).
  6. I've been hit on just about every shift I work, whether it's patients or partner. I got used to it, and can laugh it off. However, if they touch me (like a certain prisoner did), they will be handing a particular piece of anatomy to the triage nurse. :twisted: -Kat
  7. Welcome back, Cheeky! I'm hoping the baby comes home soon. Stay safe! -Kat
  8. Richard, I actually work with someone who uses the camera on his phone to take pictures of what he leaves in the toilet. We have all learned to be very wary of anything he tries to show us. It's a whole new ick factor. -Kat
  9. Ruff, the only thing I could think of when I read that was: OOOOWWWWWW!!!!!! Next thought: EEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!! Thank you. I now need to find bleach to erase the image from my mind. -Kat
  10. My best guess, have warm fluid running in one, and out the other. Warm him from the inside out. -Kat
  11. Actually had something similar happen to me a few weeks ago. Medic crew coming from an outlying hospital was asking for another medic because their patient just coded. My partner hopped in the back of their truck, and I followed in ours. Unloaded pt at ER, rode the rails into room. Weird thing #1: Pt's chest would not rise after compressions. Weird thing #2: Pt was pushing our arms away during compressions, but when we would stop, so would she, as she had no pulse, no respiratory effort. It was obvious she was trying to keep us away. Weird thing #3: Pt WALKED out of the hospital one week later. It's official. Patients are weird. -Kat
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