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  1. EMT9903

    Growing up

    AAAHHHH, the good old days when things made sense. now our kids get Ed, Edd, and Eddy, and Cartoons from who knows where, where is bugs bunny when you need him.
  2. You know, i would like to believe that for most of us that saving someones life would be more important than some piece of paper. as an 18D in the military, (Special Forces Medical Sergent). I learned how to do simple surgical procedure, and other skill that a paramedic could never perform in a hundred years. If it came down to saving a life especially that of a child, i would have to say that that child is more important that this piece of paper in my back pocket.
  3. Well, you can always get in good with the local ambulance crews to replace what you used on scene. but here, with the local and state funding our vol. departments get, there is money in the budget for medical supplies, but only the basics gauze, bandages, wraps, ice packs, things like that.
  4. Well, you do the best you can with what you have. Some departments are lucky enough to get enough funding to supply a jump kit to its EMTs and possibly have an account at a near by uniform store to supply them with at least emt pants. if not, it is up to you to buy them yourself, the good news it that it is tax deductible.
  5. In Alabama you are not allowed to have a blue light in your vehicle, but you can have red or yellow, but it is against the law to run them while moving, going to an emergency or not. you can run them once you are parked. most officers overlook someone in a volunteer squad running them to a legitimate call, but every now and then, you have the jerk that is running his lights going about 100 and hits something or someone and then they start pulling all of us over for running them whether we are going the speed limit or not when responding.
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