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  1. Thaks for your concern The 12 Lead EKG is used for a premedicated EKG before Asprin or Nitro, and yes we have transmitting capabilaty to a life net recieving station at medical command, and it is done by training of are medical director
  2. We use the STRYKER stair chair it is great for going down stairs, but we are purchasing a MOV POWER STAIR CHAIR by PARAMED it will go up 400 stairs on one battery and carrie 450 lbs we do 911 calls and take patients back home also
  3. YES They are right there is not much out there for EMS grants the AFG's started giving to some EMS Grants but not much good luck finding Grants for EMS let us know if you find some. And when do we have time doing fund raisers. And that was funny asking the state for Grant moneys they mandate equipment but do not fund it.
  4. Hello form North Central WV alot going on in WV EMS eletronic pcr, EMT-I program, 12 lead EKG for EMT-B so drop me a line and let me know what eles is knew in your state
  5. Thanks my lacal ED is providing a printer to print the EPCR but we go to 9 diffrent ED in are area we cant print at every one
  6. How do you get the ED a Eletronic Patient Care Record ?
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