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  1. JPINFV i agree. We are all here to help people, no matter your cert.
  2. So what your saying is only medic need to be on a 911 truck. So it takes a medic to drive?? Remeber everything comes back to the basics
  3. WOW!!! Do ya feel the love I work for a private company that is also funded through the taxe payers. We have to transport anyone that calls for a squad. We are also ALS staffed trucks. We do the calls and thats that. If we dont transport , then they dont vote for the levey and we lose our jobs. I on the other hand Love Volunteers. I started as a volunteer and now Im paid. I am still the President of the group that I volunteered for when I started. Why do I like them so much. Because they are truly here for the right thing. To help others. Not saying that all paid EMS workers are here for the wrong thing..
  4. I work for a sevice that runs 911 calls and also non-emergent transports. We take the calls as they come in and dont complain. Could so pt go by other mean , yes.. But if a Doctor signs the paper that they need to go by squad. what can you do. We are here to help people so just take the trip. :?
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