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  1. USAF, :oops: :roll: Perhaps too many toys and too little education is the problem? You think? MLAR WPM
  3. Thanks USAF, For making us stop, if only for a moment and try to comprehend what those two mothers are going through. It truly is a deeply personal and private matter. I abhor the people who use the Schiavo case as their personal soapbox to make themselves feel better or to "make a point" I hope that Ms. Schiavo dies peacefully and without pain and that everyone connected to this case go on with their lives and stop the "dog and pony show". I have watched many people die and perhaps did nothing but hold a loved ones hand or give them a shoulder to lean on, but I never felt that I needed to "grandstand" my personal beliefs. Dying is part of living and we all need to understand that. Much love and Respect WPM
  4. Thanks to all who voted in this poll. As I look at the numbers of other polls, ours was on par with the rest of the US. Thanks Richard B. for your post giving people a template for creating a document that would reflect our wishes should we be unable to decide for ourselves. Please everyone, take a few minutes and sit down and talk to your loved ones and write down your wishes. Make copies and have the document notarized and maybe even do it in the presence of an attorney. Have your trusted loved one sign and agree to abide by it. Only in this way will your wishes be known and followed when you are unable to make those decisions on your own. All of us joke about having DNR or No Code tatooed on our chests, but help those you trust and care about to make the proper decision if and when the time comes. Much Love and Respect WPM
  5. :oops: :oops: When George Bush was governor of Texas, he signed into law a complete opposite of what he know espouses. He gave hospitals in Texas the right to withhold food and water, over the objections of the family, in cases where the ethics committee of the hospital decided that it was not in the best interest of the patient. That law is on the books today.. A day when our president says he will sign any legislation that demands the reinsertion of this feeding tube.. If that is not voter pandering, I don't know what is.. What's it going to be prez?? Do Doctors have the knowledge to make that decision or not??? You can't have it both ways...Sorry, I forgot who I was talking about :?: :?: :?: WPM
  6. Please take this poll asap Thanks WPM
  7. USAF, Exellcent job.. I am not sure why this jug was even in this truck unprotected. It was indeed Organophosphates.. We treated this guy with 15 mg Atropine in the ED and finally the spell was broken.. I believe that this guy would have been dead in a matter of minutes if the treatment was started when it was At that time 2-pam was not being used. Now it is the standard of care. pm with your e-mail address and I send you some software MLAR WPM
  8. you are the man.. Now tell me what the underlying Patho is and the prize is yours MLAR WPM
  9. Here we go You are called to a UPS station for a man passed out.. When you arrive you observe a male approximately 25 lying supine next to his UPS Truck. He is awake but extremely lethargic and very slow to respond to questions. You note a distinct odor of chemicals coming both from the patient's skin and from the back of the truck. You send your partner to investigate the truck and he returns to tell you he has found a 5 gallon jug of chemicals broken in the back of the truck and it appears that the driver had tried to wipe the spill up with paper towels. Your are unable to ID the bottle because it had fallen and shattered upon impact.. The patient's VS are as follows: B/P 60/P, P 52 R10 and shallow. His skin is moist and extremely pale. His lung sounds are diminished in all fields. He has urinated on himself and you note the smell of feces.. He is drooling and seems unable to control his oral secretions. You look at his pupils and they are miotic and he has what appears to be tears coming from his eyes. You question him and although he is slow to answer, you understand him. He tells you he rounded a corner in his truck and this container fell off the shelf. He stopped to try and clean it up but became dizzy and had trouble seeing. He said he just made it back to his station and began having trouble breathing and then fell out of the truck. He c/o abdominal pain and you note hyperactive bowel sounds. You repeat the vs and his b/p remains at 60/p but his pulse had now dropped to 45bpm. He is losing consciouness and you start 2 IVs and put him on a NRB at 15 l/min His 3 lead shows sinus brady at 42 and you note a prolonged pr interval. You rapidly transport to the nearest facility. Enroute you call your medical control officer and you advise of pt. situation and it suddenly dawns on you. You know what this is and you know how to treat it. Tell me what you think and how you would treat this guy.. PS :shock: :shock: This is a real call that I answered in Florida in 1985. The patient fully recovered and my crew was awarded a commendation for our alert and conscientious treament. (as I pat myself on the back) Talk to me. Much Love and Respect WPM 8) 8) I tell you what, the first person to correctly ID this case and give the proper treatment and also tell me the pathophysiology behind this problem and the treatment will receive some educational CD's of my choosing.
  10. 8) 8) This course is very comprehensive and it is a great experience. Be prepared to study a lot. Make time for out of class study groups.. I took the course 2 years ago and we had 17 that started and we all finished...thanks to study groups. Help your fellow students and it will be a blast.. if you do not pass it on the first attempt.. Take it again as soon as you can. If you pm me and give me your e-mail address and I will send you some study materials. Much Love and Respect WPM
  11. :roll: :roll: I'm sorry, but I do not believe anyone who says they have never been a racist or made any racist remark. I find that statement disingenious at best. All of us at one time or another have uttered phrases that you would not like to have repeated. I know that I have and if you are honest in your assessment, you will admit the same. I do not think that anyone wants to be regarded as having racist views expect for extremists. We would all like to think that we are above the fray, but think about the last time that you took care of a welfare patient or when you were called a name by someone that you don't even know. That is like saying that you never lied to anybody. It just ain't so :shock: MLAR WPM (Prepared to take a beating about this subject)
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