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  1. OK. I have a question for you. Youy were emt-b certfied in another state and now have moved back to the state you were orginally from? DOes the state your in now even recognize your certification? Im from VA and if you get certified in a diff county you have to go and take extra classes to be able to run. If you want to be a flight medic my best path to tell you to take is to go ahead with your nursing. A lot flight medic places require you to have some form of nursing. In nursing you will also get IV cerified. You should also get IV and EKG certified through P school. I hope this works for ya. Welcome to EMTCITY
  2. Thanks to everyone for replying!!! She is underage, yes, but will not be in the begining of next month. It also hasn't be confirmed that they are having sex so I can't give any information on that nor do i want to even think about it. Supposably they just got engaged as well! Congrats to them I guess. I just know its the talk of the town which makes our agency the talk of the town because he is a well know person!
  3. Its not really a legal issue. Parents consent and shes about to be legal age. I just feel its wrong and you know how people "talk". The community just talks a lot and i think its giving our agency a bad rep.
  4. I'm from a very small town where everyone knows everyone elses business. Therefore, I have a question. The asst. chief of the volunteer fire and rescue organization I am a part of is dating a girl who is a 16 year difference in age. That may not sound too bad but lets add that she is a minor. I could care less what they do behind closed doors, but I feel the community looks at the organization as a whole and him being the asst. chief it looks bad on the agency. Please someone tell me if you feel the same. Or you think its a waste of worrying.
  5. I think our company is trying to raise as much money on its own before we start asking. I don't know... we just got done with our haunted hayride fundraiser and we did pretty good on that. The problem with fundraising is its a great idea until we ask for help. Everyone says they will show up but then they don't! There is so much drama and gossip in our company that its pushing people away and then they don't want to do anything. Not only does it have and effect on our income but the community sees it as well and then they don't wat to help anymore. I just need so me ideas to make it fun again!!! make people want to be a part of our volunteer organization and make they want to help out not only by running calls!
  6. Sorry Ruff i didn't mention that. We actually are adding onto our rescue squad building. Our squad already has bunks in case of us going on a code red along with a kitchen, three bathrooms, an office and then the bay where we store our ambulances and squad. We just need a place now to bring in our fire trucks. It was too hard to find a level area for a building since we live in the mountains. The community wouldn't be too fond of us relocating either, that was one big concern when we started. Our first blue print was going to have two stories and now we reduced it to all one floor. Everything is just so expensive now a days. Anyway I was thinking about a cake walk or christmas candy. Since the holidays are coming up does anyone have any ideas?
  7. Our fire department and rescue squad merged together. We're all one company now. Our asst. chief is going to ask the county for some of the money because we aren't a paid company yet and haven't asked for a crew. We are just trying to get and idea for somethings in case that fails.
  8. I never once said we couldn't "afford" to pay for professionals we just choose not to. Our county has paid crews at many of the other departments. The department I run for however just chooses not to ask for paid crew because we have it covered. Our guys/girls get paid by there jobs to run calls. As I've said before we don't get many calls anyway. It would be pointless to put a paid crew in such a low call area when the volunteers have it covered. I'm not saying it won't happen one day but as for now we don 't really need it. We don't have any failure to respond and our response time is actually better than most of the county paid people. As for now we are just trying to make the best of everything. Our department just merged a few years ago so we're trying to get a new building to store both ambulances and fire trucks in the same building. The same with many of the departments in county that are paid. So we're not the only ones getting a new facility!
  9. WOW!!! Thanks to everyone for the great ideas. I will definitely bring some of them up at our next meeting. Please keep the ideas coming they are GREAT!!!
  10. Yes i meant fund raiser haha! sorry about that everyone. The one time I didn't use spell check! "Try a fireman's ball (dance) or a fundraising "tollbridge" The only thing wrong with that is people don't come because we have a policy against alcohol. Being a community organization and all some board members think it makes us look bad. Also people come and then don't have a ride home after drinking. It was done a long time ago but I'll bring it up at the next meeting. Also how do we get some of our lazy members to get involved? When it comes to calls they're all for it but when it comes to helping out and having to do work everyone says they'll help but the day comes and no one shows up.
  11. My volunteer department is trying to get money for a new builing. So far we have estimated the cost of the building at $800,000. Does anyone have any funraising ideas so we can start building up enough money for our new building? Here is a list of funraisers we already do: Haunted Hayride Chicken BBQ Ham Pot Pie Dinner Community Garage Sale Community Cook Book Annual Carnival
  12. Ok I really don't think some people understand. In VA to get to the paramedic level you have to go in steps. I can't just skip EMT-I its not allowed. Its EMT-B, the EMT-E then EMT-I then EMT-P. Just thought I'd throw that out there! Now for an update. I sat some of the people I get intimidated by down and had a little talk. I explained how i get nervous around them and how I don't like the way they handle situations if I forget something. They then explained to me that when I look at them I gives them the feeling that i don't know what I'm doing. So they jump on and take over. The conversation lasts about two hours on how I could get better and then we went over some steps. I've ran quite a few calls since then and I'm feeling so much more confident. No one has jumped in for me, I've done everything without help, and I just a lot better about everything. I took a lot of advice from all of you. i want to thank you so much. Please keep the advice coming its very helpful.
  13. I agree with the deer in the headlights reaction. We do love to see clueless looks just for laughs. But some women take it too far. I read once that a bride asked her maid of honor to act like she had a crush on her fiance the night before the wedding. This was a test to see if he'd cheat on her. Well he didn't say a word but just opened the door and started to head towards the car. His bride jumped out claiming her love to him and telling him it was test. She didn't know he was going to his car to get a condom. Thats a line that should never be crossed! Us women can be very evil!!!
  14. Again Thanks to all of you, A lot of you have suggested swimming which is great becuse I do love to swim. There is also and indoor pool near my house so in the winter I can go as well. I think Im going to go with the advice of a trainer. i know you have to know exactly which places to target and how too as well. I dont want to get hurt trying to figure it out on my own. I also think a trainer will help me with wanting to go too becuase they are counting on me to be there and its money wasted if I skip out.So GREAT idea! The friend subject: My friend really wants to get toned and build muscle. I know shes really commited to it but shes going for a different reason. Shes 5'2" and weigh 103. Everyone says shes too skinny so shes going to work on building muscle. Im going to strength and cardio. Is it a bad idea since we have two totally different reasons to work out? Also thanks chaser for the insomnia advice. Ill do that! Thanks again everyone kepp it coming please.
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