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  1. In my Haste I was not clear, NO I Don't think its a joke, I have never taken part in anything like this nor will I ever. Tell everyone working EMS that was just put in harms way, that it was a joke just harmless hazing, and see what their reaction is. EMS has gotten enough black eyes, I hope these individuals cant find a job in EMS, we don't need or want this type of behavior associated with us!
  2. Lucky Just Damn Pure Lucky, As someone who is at the U everyday this scares me! Not only are they lucky they were not they were not physicaly harmed while in public but the public may percieve that all the U employees have similar latent views. Does anyone here think that the U security or Newark PD could quell a large (party)at the ER entrance? The answer is YES of course with respect to a appropriate amount of time. JOKE my ass tell that to the next U employee that is asaulted, heckled, harassed, etc. That it was just a joke, harmless hazing.
  3. What a great cause! Save the junkies, give them more drugs, that will further the already stressed system! And if they survive long enough to get TRUE medical care, imprison them and move the burden to the tax payers YEA GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In case you didnt already figure it out BAD IDEA!!!!
  4. THANK YOU I think I made my point! skills - S = kills
  5. You can always tell who has money to waste, if its not the size of the rig, start counting the light bars. If they have more than two light bars on one rig its bad juju isnt it? I dont know who said it but give me a beat E350 and I would be just as happy, it also avoids the deep pockets theory / impression.
  6. This thread has shown that the macho culture of suck it up and don't do anything about it, is alive and well. Care for yourself first and you will be a better practioner! I have learned quite lot about this recently and will continue to but this thread is FUBAR. Alot of us are here to learn new things and personal afronts serve no progress. KILL THIS THREAD PLEASE!
  7. Dust, you wrote AMBULANCE DRIVERS, I thought that term was retired!! LOL
  8. I spoke to the hemo monkeys about a hour ago the pt expired no other info. I really wanted to know what they found, oh well i guess that's the way it goes sometimes. Everyone brought up some interesting ideas on this one, I'm leaning towards a multi system event here. Asysin2leads, My only true interest in the possibility of asthma was the sudden onset w/ cold air, you are right, lungs CTA all fields rules that out. What are the chances of a pt having a cardiac event w/o atypical presentation CP radiating, diaphoresis, and only dyspnea as a symptom? I had not really considered cardiac as sh
  9. Well it is a week later and I don't know the outcome of the pt so I suspect that either she was admitted or she expired. Scaramedic, No EKG, I was on a BLS truck, all of our dialysis pt's are transported BLS on the premise that any pt needing higher level of care will be admitted to hosp. Weakness / numbness not able to assess fully, pt was in to much distress to communicate effectively. I had not yet considered hyperkalemia. AnthonyM83, I had not even considered returning the pt to the dialysis facility. Even though the dialysis facility is in part of the hosp. The pt care had been tr
  10. I'm not sure if it could be a need to feel in control, I see that a lot of depression Pt's report feeling that they can't control their life / events. I think that everyone wants to feel like they are in control of their body and mind. Theory, that is why we practice medicine and the same reason they call fishing, fishing not catching. I am still learning about this and there is a ton of research material available. Thanks for the posts!
  11. Did your sup. give any other explanation? I dont see how this is illegal, it is totaly up to your supervisor or management to schedule shifts. Do any of the shifts run consecutively with yours? I mean would you be working 24 hrs a day for the whole week?
  12. Yup very serious Dust, UTU (United Transportation Union), Burning the money would have had the same outcome. Never ever as long as I live will I ever again be associated with a union!
  13. You mean that the hospital knows you are coming? We have a system but I have never seen anyone use it! Even w/ a full code.
  14. THIS IS ANTI UNION IF YOU DONT LIKE THAT STOP READING This is my OPINION if you want a union, go mine coal, shuffle cars in a rail yard, or whatever it is that laborer's do. The only union I ever belonged to was a total and complete waste of money (110.00 per month), If you want better pay get a better EDUCATION and learn to negotiate for yourself. Don't like it, to bad thats my OPINION.
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