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  1. Doesn’t sound like you ever did it in NY, otherwise you’d know that 911 medic’s don’t carry IV pumps of any kind… (IV drip sets yes, pumps no) It’s all titrate to effect (within dose limits mcg/k/min). -ntg
  2. Why am I NOT surprised…. NYC Fire Department: 200 years of prejudice filled tradition unimpeded by progress or good judgment. Hey, we are the only city that NIMS (a system with over 30 years of blood spilt refinement) was found by our fearless leaders to be no good for New York emergencies… So they all got together over donuts and created a BETTER system… CIMS It would be funny if it wasn’t true… -ntg
  3. Action: talk to the patient :"Hello sir, I'm Paramedic Justin Time, are you OK, do you know what happened?" Patient replies : " I don't know, I feel very dizzy" Visual exam reveals no obvious bleeding, contusions, swelling, or gross deformities Pt is still clothed, with no rips or tears in outer garments. Time: 2:05 elapsed Time to Transport Unit: 14:25 min
  4. Not for nothing, but the plastic ones are crap, you don't have to even have an over tighten valve for them to break. the Metal ones enlarge and bend to the point they're useless. I've seen yours and they look pretty good but seem to me to be pricy but I tell you, I'm am so tired of crap I'm thinking seriously of buying one, if they really don't break. ntg
  5. I find they work best, when never removed from the shipping box....
  6. So I have one question. For the person who marked the poll they have never had a piece of equipment break on them: Have you ever even been on a AMBULANCE? :? For me, it's the Life pack Spo2 finger probe, seems like it goes every other week... At $129 each is it PLANNED obsolescence (with Patient care at stake? :shock: )
  7. So here I am just lurking around and I come upon this thread, I can’t believe using a window punch got three pages devoted to it, but hey, I got 11 (pages) on my silly musings…. (btw I never carried a window punch, rock in a gloved hand works just fine… The trick of course is hit the lower corner of the window, away from the patient. :roll: But that is NOT why I make this post. On a slightly different turn, I was given a SAW rescue knife as a present, pretty cool, but not very practical, to its note however, THE BLADE IS SHARP AS ANYTHING I’VE EVER SEEN, hot knife through butter is not a good enough word for it, if you want a knife with an unbelievable blade this is for you. Anyway, as a side note under the heading of “How to get yourself in trouble quick”, and "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!" true to S&W this can be converted into a zip gun, the barrel of the punch is almost the same as a 22 Cal, and the spring lever pulls back far enough to insert a cartridge, flip the catch and bang… the punch pin hits the primer smack on, and you know what happens from there.
  8. Spenac, in your own way I suposed you did and actually firespec35 post was very helpful (IMHO one of the best yet). Thanks. Best ntg
  9. OK, this I don't understand, my partner and I completely packaged and delivered this guy in 6 minutes, even though my partner and I know he was a probable DOA, the ER worked him for 45 minutes before pronouncing him. (can’t pronounce unless OBVIOUS mortal injury in a trauma, and as I’m sure you know a GSW to the chest does not fit that category). I was referring to a job I did, where the kid was written up as a choir boy, who never did a thing wrong in his life, and was innocent, meanwhile behind the scenes, he had rocks of crack falling out of his pockets… The point of my story was you can’t trust what you read in the paper, referring to the hair show riot. So how are my priorities “misplaced”? :? NTYCntg
  10. ya, I know he's there, and even if he's waaaaaay forward, he's still over there (and I'm here). All in all, bad form bashing our troops. As much as it hurts me to say this, I was out of line dropping the hammer on you DD, I truly appreciate your service. Please accept my heartfelt apologies DustDevil. And Stay SAFE! NTYCntg
  11. Lets see here, Texas, Lots of space, very few people.... so how many is that? Three?
  12. HOLY DIGESTED COW HAY BATMAN, IT SEEMS THE JOKERS ESCAPED BECAME AN EMT or MEDIC AND STARTED POSTING ON EMT CITY!!!! Last night I got home from a late job, (dead guy with lots of moving fried rice on his face). Started to post, but hit the back button instead (lost it all) and went to bed. I was going to get back on subject, Oh I don’t know why, just for the heck of it, but WOW, LOOKY, LOOKY., the night has been busy… So back to the mêlée. Hey Dust Devil You find the WMD’s yet? The paper said they were there… Come ON! Do you guys believe EVERYTHING you read in the paper? HAS , anyone west of New Jersey even seen a gang fight with more than 20 people (try 200)? Know what Airmail is? (Hint, it is NOT delivered by the post office?) Time to recalibrate folks; your bullshit detectors are broken. I’ve done so many homicides that don’t even make the news it’s not funny, and the ones that do, the writers get it wrong about, well let me see here, think for a minute, oh, ALL THE TIME. Three weeks ago, I worked a choir boy, waiting at the bus stop at 2am, well that’s what the papers said, The real story was he was at the bottom of the stairs in a subway (no busses there), a small cal bullet in his chest under his arm, dolls eyes, grabbed and go, in the ER in under 6 minutes, when presented, he was (stripped, tube’d, with two large bore IV’s btw), when security was looking for ID, two rocks of crack in baggies fell out of his pocket…. But the papers called him an innocent choir boy…. Yea right. A gang fight over a beauty contest, could happen, mix gangs with anything, and sh*t happens. Just because it doesn’t happen in your quiet little Cul-de-Sac, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Ever been surrounded by 3000 people in under 3 minutes, with crap flying out of the windows (air mail) , because the cops did a car stop and the perp while trying to runaway, ran smack into a light pole? :shock: Police brutality? :? Oh and btw, when someone’s injured, they’re a patient first, criminal second (well most of the time). All you three jobs in 24’s come to the ghetto, you’ll see why we work only eights here, and see how’s it’s really done, oh, and btw, bring a belt, you might find you need it…
  13. Ok, this is inane now…. :? So you don’t like what I carry, :roll: WHAT DOES EVERYONE ELSE CARRY? Huh, Ya all talk big, but I bet you treat your patients with something… Let the newbie bashing commence! (since I know it's coming anyway)
  14. I'm being a sensitive jerk, There I said it, Apologies to ALL (a big one to you Wendy), I banged my elbow Friday night, (right at the tip) and re injured a stupid old Injury, and APAP/5 makes me cranky. I should just learn to shut up, But then again if I really learned from experience would I still be in EMS? :wink: ntg
  15. Spenac, I am not attacking you, I am just calling you out to what you were really doing, which was being clever at my expense, don't go letting me down by dishing it out but not being able to take a little of your own medicine. Your belt idea is ridiculous, you know it, I know it, anyone who sees it knows it is, this is EMS not construction. Don't take it so hard, bud, I am not meaning to hurt your feelings or anything like that. You don't like duty belts, cool, no harm no foul. There a some here who do wear them, and find them useful. I am glad you don't need one, on less thing to worry about. It seems were so tied up in out doing each other, we won't seriously help each other when it's easier to make fun. ntg
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