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  1. As the ducks were getting ready for the mission, one duck said ah quack I hope this is the right plane!!!
  2. Props to afk calling the news room, that's awesome I would of done the same thing. If someone wants attention just ask for it, C'mon people fake that you died or you got in a injury
  3. wow that's crazy, That unit is really lucky that they didn't catch an edge and then flip over. If that was me I would of had to change my pants for sure/
  4. In that scenario, I would check everything out and if vitals are stable gcs of 15 , and he doesn't want us to take him to the hospital, I can't force him to go that's kidnapping. Since he is injured I would have him sign an ama, If he wanted to go with us, I wouldn't try to convince him not to go. Its easier just to transport and take whomever to the hospital that it is to convince someone not to go and have them sign an ama. You will have the same paperwork regardless
  5. Here In bakersfield we don't have any turnouts what so ever. If the pt is pinned in. Either the medic or I will get in the car to help with pt care, or a firefighter will get in to hold c-spine. If we do get in the car and they need to extricate, fire is normally pretty nice and will drape a jacket over us. I really believe we need turnouts for rescues, but that is just me
  6. So I work in Lamont California which the majority of the people are hispanic, due to the farm land. A majority of the calls that we get for febrile seizures, the family takes rubbing alcohol and poors it all over the baby. We try to explain to them that when the rubbing alcohol evaportates it will increase the febrile seizure. Might I also say that they don't just use it on kids they use it on everything and anyone with a sickness. I researched into the reason why, the use rubbing alcohol, and I guess in mexico and other foreign places. The doctors down their give them rubbing alcohol for diff
  7. Yeah the mottleing in the leg was the starting of lividity, or the correct term Livor mortis or postmortem lividity or hypostasis (Latin: livor—bluish color, mortis—of death), one of the signs of death, is a settling of the blood in the lower (dependent) portion of the body, causing a purplish red discoloration of the skin: which looked more like mottleing to me crotchity, I forgot to tell you guys that the pt was last scene at 0430 and was 64yrs old when the heart is no longer agitating the blood, heavy red blood cells sink through the serum by action of gravity.
  8. Tones go off we get a call for a cardiac arrest, arrived on scene to be greeted by a person saying his uncle passed away, he drank himself to death. As we are pulling out the gurney He said we won't be needing that, but we grabbed it anyway. We walked inside to find our pt, supine and pale. I assessed for a pulse no pulse, no breathing. I checked for rigor, there is no rigor. The pt brother arrives on scene and says I don't want anything done for him, Your not going to take him and do cpr. So My partner talks to him. The pt has no dnr and the brother doesn't have power of attorney. I put the m
  9. I agree with tnuiqs, it sounds like she might of already had a seizure. Another thing if you take anti convulsion medications your not supposed to drink alcohol. That could be effecting her as well. Another thing that kind of strikes as weird, Is that she went to her car and was out for about three hours and doesn't remember a thing. Normally when someone has a seizure, they are postictal for a while but i don't think for that long. With the pupils being blown like that and you get no response with a pen light or what not, maybe there might of been a little drug use that the pt wasn't talking
  10. Where I work we can not legally tell a pt, that they do not need to go to the hospital and or need an ambulance, If they ask us if they need to go, In our professional medical opinion we think they should go. If they say I will just go to my doctor we say ok. But we will have them sign an ama form. They called for a reason there for something is wrong. I have rarely ran into calls were they don't have a complaint, and if they don't we will just cancel as no medical aid needed
  11. I honestly think age is just a number, but what it honestly comes down to is the maturity level of the person who is a medic. As in with being a rookie with time and experience you blossom into a seasoned salty employee and continue up the steps. Our company has 21 age limit to get hired and a min, of 1 year of 911 als field time, before they will let you go to medic school.
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