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  1. Hate it, was a PITA to navigate through! The website and the downloaded program navigate totally differently and it really makes the learning curve at first really difficult. Additionally, if you transport to an odd facility that is not in their directory, good luck leaving a report at the ER. And the search for facilities is very odd. Our local hospital is "Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital". But searching by ANY of the key words in the name, brough up nothing, but when you chose to browse by state, chose Texas and scrolled down to the H section, there it was, in alphabetical order. Was jus
  2. ReD

    Close call

    A near save would imply that he died, as you nearly saved him. A near code, is what i believe you meant, as he nearly coded on you. kthnxbye
  3. Ordered the medsource bag. The fact that it comes in ReD was also a factor LoL
  4. Im looking into a new jump bag and have it narrowed down to two choices: http://www.gomedsource.com/dxo2bag.html http://www.buyemp.com/product/11230622.html AND http://www.buyemp.com/product/1070102.html Ive had and used LA Rescue bags before and am familiar with their construction and quality (VERY GOOD BTW), but know nothing about medsource bags. from the pictures ive found online, http://mobil-medic.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=46 (click on more images link under the pic) they appear to be made well also. so, who has used either of these bags? the medsource im
  5. that was my impression but the city said they wanted to get one from somewhere to use as a template. im just trying to help them out 'cause the faster we get this legal BS outta the way, the faster we get enrolled and start the class.
  6. The city I work for is going to put me and another FF through medic school. The city wants us to sign a contract saying we'll stay for X amount of time after we have the red patch, or we have to pay $X, and the amount will be pro-rated. What they're wanting is a copy of a contract that we can "tweak" so we don't have to write it from scratch. Was wondering if anyone here could provide me with a sample contract. PM me for my e-mail address if needed. Thanks
  7. i agree, but thats a totally different thread LOL
  8. they also come in "6 individually wrapped chewable tablets", like in the picture.
  9. I could have sworn there was a legal discussion forum, but anyway. Anyhow, I got some flack for filling out a pt. care report the other day with my blue pen. The hospital I worked at required the docs to use blue ink on the T-sheets. The reasoning is that the forms are printed in black ink on white paper and black pen ink could be missed (especially all those damn check boxes) where as blue is easily seen and photocopies just as well, plus it is easy to tell which is the original. ALSO, everywhere I have been, even on state forms for DL and LP, it states BLACK OR BLUE INK ONLY. back to t
  10. More glucose I bet......it comes in paste & tablets......................
  11. http://intermedix.org/ you can either type up the report at the station or you can have them supply you with tablets and do the report in real time like a paper one. the tablet comes with a cell wireless internet card and you can type in the pt's SSN or DL # and it brings up all demographics. they also get alot of money. we love em also, the tablets are THEIRS and THEY replace 'em if they break. a service near us uses 'em and one guy put the tablet behind the seat when they went to eat, partner drove back and was taller, so he went to put the seat all the way back and smashed the screen.
  12. I've got one of their fire hose FOM shirts and its AWESOME, tough as nails, but very warm, would suck for summers here in Texas, but yes the material is soft and very durable and their shirts & pants are made to fit very comfortably.
  13. for those who care, i found this guy from an auction on e-bay. http://autolumination.com/
  14. Ive played with em and i dont like em. i can start lines just fine without one. whats to keep you from turning lights off in the back?
  15. holy crap, i never thought of that! thanks!!
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