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  1. fiznat, I work in the northwest for AMR and our contract is ok here in our operation but still needs a bit of work. The best contract held by AMR emploies in this area is from King county, Washington They are represented by the teamsters. I like it because it has one rate of pay no more diffrent rates for diffrent shifts. I dont have a copy rediely avaible to me but I would start there.
  2. I just had to go and use that it was great
  3. We use them frequently. We call them SPRNT units ( pronounced sprint) Single paramedic response non-transport. They work well for the rual areas that run skeleton crews.
  4. Well the side effects are not as bad as some of the drugs on the market
  5. 62 but that took me a few tries
  6. I love to see the two of the in a knock down, drag out fight. My money is a O'riley
  7. ugh. I dont watch much TV and I have seen that ad to many times
  8. EMT-b classes here in Grays harbor are free, however, there is a stipulation. You must be sponsored by an ems agency here on the harbor and you must pass the class. If you fail or get kicked out your department foots a $1200 bill. EMT-I class same thing
  9. I dont know what it's like in califorina, however, Here in WA EMTs for amr olympia start at 8.08 on a 24 hr shift and can go as high as 11.90 after 12 years. Starting with no ot you make 27k.
  10. Well thats what you deserve if you mix electricty with watter
  11. well I am in three years now and still love my job as much as I did when I started. I guess I'll have to reevaluate in a few years.
  12. Well I supose he forgot to turn down the heater
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