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  1. Would it have anything to do with seratonin syndrome? Just reaching here, don't know much about it though. A doc was telling me about it in the ER recently with what appeared to be an OD patient....will have to do some research.
  2. I don't think mixing Zoloft and Ultram is a good idea.
  3. I know this isn't a discussion about fistulas, but having worked in dialysis, I just wanted to clarify that under NO circumstances are fistula needles inserted bevel down. A long time ago, needles were inserted, bevel up, then "flipped" once inside the fistula. This is no longer accepted practice as it can A) shred the vein while flipping and if not flipped back to bevel up upon removal, would tear the hell out of peoples skin. I would asssume going in bevel down, it would do the same. Having said that, I can't seem to think of a reason to insert bevel down. With all of the other options available-another IV site, no tourniquet, another person to do the sticking, etc. it just doesn't seem like this would be necessary and it isn't standard practice here.
  4. Ruff- Have you tried this one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iskAKhdt-_0
  5. Nice to meet you Bamamedic. When I started this thread I was at my wits end. I know how you feel running 24s with little or no sleep. At least you are allowed to 'nap'. We were not allowed to close our eyes unitl 10pm...and then sure enough, calls would come in all night. And, my boss at the time, had the exact same attitude "I don't pay you to sleep". I also worked 24/48 and I started to hate what I was becoming...angry, tired, resentful. Even on days off when I was supposed to regroup... So, I left. I had to for my peace of mind, my family's sake, and my health. After searching, I found a service that does not do 24's at all (16 is the most you can do) and (now) requires 8hrs rest between shifts. The money isn't quite as good but my attitude sure is! I hope you find what you're looking for. It's not easy being tired all the time. Keep searching.... Good luck!
  6. the only drug question I can remember from the NR was for the pediatric dose of Atropine. good luck!
  7. :)/ :cheers: :thumbright: Congrats Chris! Way to go!
  8. I had a Littman Master Classic that worked great for me, but I think I lost it on a call. Recently purchased a Classic II SE and it's fine too, but I prefer the M.C.
  9. :shock: Can you clarify the statement that they wanted to know what was going on with the patient? In reading, I could think of quite a few things that might be happening to all patients, but without assessing them, how would you know based on the info. you were given? I don't understand how you can determine that. old people + chest pain [s:3cc1fcafe5]equal[/s:3cc1fcafe5] MI all the time. For example the elderly lady-they wanted to know MI or Angina, is that what you're saying? Because I would really want a history and further assesment including how rapid is her pulse? How rapid is her breathing? Is it labored, shallow? Is it adequate? Any cyanosis? Edema? What's a "normal" BP? What does the monitor say? I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture....I would start with a much broader field of what could possibly be going on-just curious how you got MI with what you were given.
  10. I have to agree Dust, that more often than not, any questioning or conflict I get seems to come from Basics. When I am blessed to work with another Medic, I haven't had any issues regarding disagreements-none that I can remember, anyway. I can recall several instances where an EMT-B has questioned why I did something or didn't do something, because "so and so told them blah, blah, blah"! We have Medic/Basic trucks here, so when I get to work with another Medic it's usually on a critical call. One of us assumes patient care and the other is usually there to lend ALS skills. In most cases, you are just thankful to have another Medic-no conflict necessary.
  11. I was thinking the same thing tonight...why didn't someone suggest an involuntary commitment? I believe she was from Kansas if anyone can shed light on the law there..
  12. I am right there with you scaramedic. I started taking my pre-reqs last fall. Good luck to you!! Take care, 429
  13. medic429


    Did you call medical control? Just wondering if/how you treated this before I really can say much. Chin up.
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