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  1. Twas' the night before Christmas, and in Unit 10 The gears were a' grinding... here we go again! Dave was emailing "Stop trashing our fleet!" And crew captains paroled, keeping paperwork neat. The night crews were hiding and taking a nap And old daddy Kim snored still wearing his cap. While Mark and Joe made a nurse coffee run Lee and the new guy read strips just for fun. When over on Carr Lane there arose such a clatter Sulphur PD rushed to see what was the matter. Away to the milk truck we flew like a flash, Tore up the unit and spilled coke on the dash. When upon arrival, what should we hear But a staggering man saying "I only had one beer!" We called for the crew that would be most stern, Lights flashing and wailing... here come Nora and Vern. In less that 8 minutes, so rapid they came My doctor's in Houston, as pills he did name Now Depakote, Now Demerol, now Percocet and Vicodin On Soma, on Xanax on Lorcet and drinkin' I'm out of my pain pills is what he does call. "Then get up and walk and try not to fall!" This pt was chubby and not lookin too svelt And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself. A wink of his eye and with stumbling tread He tripped over some beer cans and fell on his head He layed on the ground not moving or blinking A code has occurred, is what I began thinking We palpated his carotid to feel for some thumping When on came a seizure and he started jumping. He opened one eye to gage our reaction Because he was causing a creative distraction. And I heard him comment as I closed the back door, "Ya'll aren't as nice as the crew that came before!" We took him to triage, then walked out of sight. Merry Christmas, Cal Cam... and have a safe night! parabrandi
  2. This was a while ago when I was a newbie on a truck and still excited about working. We got a call right at shift change and I offered to go with, I was green! We get to this apartment complex that houses special need people that can still care for them selves and don't quiet need a nursing home just a little help. There is the mentally handicapped 30 something year old women who obviously had the mind of a young child. She has NA's that come in and shop for her and give her medication but for the most part she lives on her own. She gets mad at the NA's cause they don't play with her or they force her to take her meds and she beats herself up and calls 911 and says that the NA's did it. She always admits to that fact after we get to the hospital. This particular time she has "gone" all over the living room and smeared it everywhere in the house and on her self, and even ate it. She would say nothing but mew like a cat we get there and we ask if she wants to go to the hospital and she mews. We take that as a yes. The Paramedic tells her that he will not let her in the unit unless she gets up and takes a shower and puts on clean clothes. She gets up takes a shower and gets dressed and we walk her to the unit. Still she is saying nothing, just mewing. The paramedic gives the look to his basic and me like, " you know this ones yours ". We climb in the unit and I sit in the jump seat and the other basic takes vitals. There is a cubby between the cab and the box of the unit just big enough to hear someone yell stop, or to throw a dirty glove at the head of the driver. Every time the pt mewed the paramedic who was driving would bark, me and the other emt were laughing so hard we were crying. The pt couldn't hear him bark but she did notice us laughing and she thought that we were laughing at her and this made her happy so she would mew even more and started laughing with us. It was the only time you would ever be able to get away with laughing hysterically in front of the pt.
  3. My P and I got a call for a possible shooting. We arrived on scene to find a guy walking around the house we approach him and he states that he was not the one shot, he told us that he picked up a guy that flaged him down saying he was shot. The pt asked the guy to take him to his sisters house so he did but no one was there. So he called us. My P walked to the truck opened the door and the guy fell out in a huge water puddle. I already had the stretcher out so we grabbed him up and flung him on the stretcher, he let us with out any issues then he realized that there was people there and started screaming about wanting his baby, he was poo poo face drunk. We searched for the wound and strapped him down he had a lac that could have been a bullet graze. We put him in the truck and cut his pants the whole time hes sceaming that he wants his baby. He decides that screaming wasn't enough and started thrashing around and trying to climb out of the ambulance and swinging at my P when he tried to unbuckle him. I called the Sheriffs Officer over to the unit and he pulls out his spray, my partner started screaming louder than the pt as he was still in the truck. SO put his spray away and pulled out his tazer, mind you the guy was still strapped to the stretcher by one strap, and couldn't thrash his way out of it. SO gave his warning then shot. The pt fell back on the stretcher and did the tazer seizure. But after he stopped tazing him the pt continued to try and thrash around and got it 2 more times. Then he finally stopped. SO rode in with us prepared to dry stun him but the guy learned his lesson and decided that screaming was enough and didn't fight anymore.
  4. Hello everyone I am an emt b in south west louisiana have been a medic for 6 years. Trying to get a paramedic class started in my area. I've worked for acadian im sure some of you have heard about the cult, now i work out of a small hospital we try and run 4 units, sometimes we only get 3.
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