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  1. ...when you have a strange desire to park sideways with the wheels pointing out instead of inside one spot
  2. I am currently working on a NET (non-emergency transport) unit with the partner from hell. I've only been working on my assigned truck for two days and had to write an incident report each day on her per my superiors. The latest incident involved her leaving me alone with the truck to do God only knows what for forty-five minutes without taking the radio or the pager or telling me wheres she was going. She did have her cell phone which I didn't know the number to. She finally showed up after another unit called dispatch for me and they called her on her phone. We were thirty minutes late to a
  3. Take your time. Get up and go to the bathroom if necessary to get some restless energy out or regain concentration. I have ADD and passed National Registry w/o problems. Just remember what you learned in class and you'll do okay.
  4. radaret


    Uhh....let me think how about The Byrds "Eight Miles High" for all those wonderful people out there who are high on something. What about "Heartache Tonight" (not sure if that's the exact title) for domestic disputes, fights, etc. Last one I can think of right now is Guns 'N Roses "Coma" which is real good for codes.
  5. Fortunately preceptors are assigned on a rotating basis. Basically you get assigned to whatever preceptor that is on duty. I have one more with this service and two with another which is worse. The second service that we are doing ride outs with is actually worse. A lot of the students who have done ride alongs with them have complained about the preceptor not even acknowledging their presence or letting them do any patient care. Hopefully my two shifts in the ER will make up for it. Our medical director is awesome he kicked out a bunch of nurses so a group of students from my class could put
  6. I was told this after we were transported a 66 y/o F who's daughter checked on her that day and discovered that she had fallen 2 days ago and hadn't got off the couch since then. She had real bad osteoporosis and screamed and hollered every time we hit a bump or moved her or she moved. I apologized a few times when we did something that caused her discomfort or hit a bump and tried to carry on a conversation w/her during our transport, which caused me to get a don't bother kind of remark from the EMT in the back. After we dropped her off in the ER, I was told not to apologize to patients and
  7. As part of the constructive criticism I received during my first ever ride along on an ambulance I was told that I was too nice. I understand the reasoning behind it, caring too much can lead to getting to attach which over time can lead to burnout. However, I am confused as to where to draw the line between caring and caring too much. Any advice I could get from those more experienced than I would be most appreciated.
  8. Yes, I see this as a problem because as a student we have patient advocacy drilled into our heads from day one. Our instructor constantly reminds us that we are there to care for the patient. An EMT refusing to care for someone because of his/her personal beliefs violates this critical component of pre-hospital care which could lead to our profession getting even less respect from the public that it already does. Think about how would you feel about EMS if it was your family member who needed care but the EMTs who responded wouldn't care for them because of their beliefs.
  9. From urbandictonary.com: dirty south: the southern part of the US, including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida Ect. Also Known as "The 3rd Coast" Cracker: Originally the white slave driver because he would "crack" the whip, hence the noun cracker.
  10. If history and tolerance rather than hatred the Confederate flag would be a non-issue. I am no less offended by it than I am by the American flag which slavery was first started under. Not to mention the persecution and genocide of the Native American people. Yet, I support both flags not for the issues they represent but the people who fought and died under it.
  11. Being a member of the Order of Robert E. Lee (OREL), the female auxiliary of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), I wish to add my two cents in this hot button issue. The flag commonly referred to as the "Confederate flag" is correctly referred to as the Naval Jack and never flew over a slave ship. The only flag to ever fly over a slave ship was the United States flag. Slavery was not the main issue of the War. The main issue of the war was States Rights vs Federal Rights. Also concerning slavery the Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves south of the Mason Dixon Line not in the North
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