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  1. Thank you. I have dropped them an email and I'm waiting on a reply. Just off the top of your head, if I do have to sit the exam will they recognise my prior learning or will I have to partake in a training program there to be eligible to sit it?
  2. The patient hit the ground with enough force to fracture his arm therefore that same level of force was applied to the rest if his body. Secondly, because he has a fractured arm a spinal rule out can not be performed because his fractured arm is now considered a distracting injury. He must be immobilised. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. This is a pic of what is primarily used here. A Mercedes Sprinter with box body and tail lift for stretcher. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks paramedicmike, I've been on their website and I can't locate a link to contact them with my query. Does anyone have previous experience with the same as any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Hi all, I want to obtain my national registry and I have a query. Can I get my Paramedic qualification recognised and obtain registry or do I have to apply to sit the national reg exam? Can I sit this exam having studied and worked outside the US? Also, my current level would equate roughly as an EMT-I in the US. Thank you, Leprechaun. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. It's not the 'worlds first paediatric ambulance', it is however the first ambulance (in Ireland anyway) that's sole purpose is for the conveyance of seriously and terminally sick children. It's not for frontline duties but rather to make a regular journey more comfortable with a child friendly environment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Yep and I had a finger pain call at one time also. Both transported.
  8. Follow the link. There are a few pictures on the top of the page and a video further down on the right.
  9. Hey all. I'm looking for a paramedic textbook download for my iPad. I used Nancy Caroline's in college however any of the others (Brady, Mosby) would be fine. It's for reference and to read when I'm on the road so the iPad is perfect. I can not find anything online. Ideally a free download if possible but I am willing to pay for the right book. Also, is the PHTLS textbook available as PDF or ebook? I would like to get a copy of it also. Thank you.
  10. An ambulance designed by a charity in Ireland and supported by a private ambulance provider has been launched in Dublin. This vehicle has been specifically designed to make journeys for seriously or terminally sick children that need to make regular ambulance trips to hospital less stressful. Check it out.. http://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/world-s-first-ambulance-for-kids-unveiled-in-dublin-1.1518658
  11. Leprechaun

    Ireland EMS

    What we all look like and drive here in Ireland.
  12. The frontline 999 ambulance calls in Ireland are dealt with by the National Ambulance Service [HSE-nationwide] and the Dublin Fire Brigade [DFB-Dublin Only]. You have to be at minimum a Paramedic on these type of calls. EMT's operate within the private sector for patient transport/transfer and support for the National Service. Some private [paramedics] operators do 999 calls but it's small in comparison. You cannot just decide to do and pay for an EMT/Paramedic course here. You have to be first employed by either the HSE, the DFB or a private company who is willing to pay for your training. O
  13. Over here we use the lifepack 12 with a trickle charge system. [i.e] I'ts plugged in all the time. That way the batteries are used as back up. It was a good job done because that trip can be up to an hour. :shock: How many sets of pads did they need? :? By the way, How can I add a pic to a post. I've tried several times but just the location text shows.
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