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  1. Finally something good in the news.

  2. Bloody hell got pick pocketed some time today while I was out...

  3. Tired and very frustrated certainly have had many better days in my life.

  4. Well someday I might actually make it to Louisiana but that day isn't today, in Orange Texas for the night.

  5. I hate mornings...good grief...and I really hate mornings that start before 0530-0600

  6. Deploying to Texas as Log WHS SV see y'all in a few weeks

  7. I am so ready to deploy it is not even funny, sometimes this being on the west coast is a little miserable. Oh well it will happen sooner or later.

  8. @NBCLA I often wonder why you have a mobile site most of your stories can't be seen on a mobile site...I think I have seen one that worked.

  9. RT @LAScanner MID CITY: Resident found an unwanted Latin man w/ no shirt in his backyard, 2100 blk S. Bronson Ave. LAPD enrte to escort him to jail.

  10. Do you ever have those days when you just don't have enough hours in the day to complete all the issues?

  11. A moment when your phone goes off you jump in excitement only to find its not a message from the one you were hoping for just another tweet

  12. You wait for a chance to talk to someone important just to find out that person had to go to bed before you got off work...damn time zones.

    1. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      Or you're on the other end of that, and wait for someone to call you...only to find out they went out to the bar instead....

  13. 110 degrees at the 405 and Sherman Way...wow glad we got our outdoor work out of the way #LAHeat #Heatsafe

  14. Really wishing I hadn't turned on the news my heart is in Denver right now. Friends I really hope all are okay...

    1. scubanurse


      ? what happened in denver?

  15. So a very good friend of mine named Stewart Caswell is wanting to become a travel writer, specializing in writing guides for people with disabilities (see below) if you any of you have knowledge that can help him out pass it to me and I will see that he gets it. Thanks. Hey, guys! I’m in the beginning stages of working on getting things in order to be able to combine two things I love, which is writing and traveling, and my goal is to be able to travel and then write about it, along t...

  16. Damn wind ripped the vent off the top of my trailer so I now have buckets collecting the rain...good grief...I need to get an apartment soon.

  17. Finally caught up on some stuff now its time to go to sleep and prepare for another very long day tomorrow

  18. With all of the things going on in the last 48 hours I can't help but remember a line from a show that takes on a whole new meaning every time I am involved with it. It has always meant a lot to me but today is a whole new meaning. Actually I am going to share two lines. "Measure your life in Love" and "No Day but Today"

  19. To my WWF people my iPhone and I had a parting of the ways temporarily and so I am out of commision for a bit...to my other friends if you wish to text me message me in my inbox and I will send you a temporary number.

  20. Just passed through Stockton on the way home from LA for Christmas...I promised I would be home for Christmas Mom, 18 hours later I will be...it may have been cheaper to take the train but I think I should have drove home.

  21. To quote a friend of mine Merry Bah-hum-bug

  22. The only advantage of a hotel of your own motor home is that you don't have to fight for a shower in a hotel.

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