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  1. My husband has had 2 herniated disks in his back but after spinal decompression treatment is doing pretty well, and we want to keep it that way. We've got things worked out with our volunteer squad so that the rig won't roll unless there's enough people who can lift. (I know someone is going to go off about how he shouldn't be on a call if he can't lift, etc. That's not my question. Most EMTs I know can't lift a patient on a stretcher by themselves, they get another person. My husband just gets two other people.) He just enrolled in an EMT course and they are giving him a hard time about
  2. Just heard this tonight. Dispatch: Caller says they can't get their 83 yo brother to go to bed, wants police assistance. Patrolman: 10-4...We'll bring a book of bedtime stories.
  3. This is my squad. Everything's paraphrased as well I as can remember. Now that we've switched to county dispatch, though, everyone is (hopefully) more professional on the radios. Two crews were on stand-by duty in different areas for the 4th of July fireworks. 63 to 61: Rig won't start, we need you to jump it with 61. 61 to 63: Should we call it in as "CPR on ambulance"? 63 to 61: You'll have to put it in as "removal of foot from rectum" if you don't get over here! Some police or borough honcho (I'm rather new, so I'm not sure who it was) comes up and asks "Did I just hear you
  4. I think Camden NJ is considered the most dangerous city.
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