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  1. Div.3.....Checkin' in! Haven't seen D---ie in a while!
  2. {{{The Marcy houses in Brooklyn NY is a place where gun fire erupted regularly, does it anymore? ... that i don't know.}}}} I do.....It does. Also The Ingersol's,Whitman's, The Gowanus'and The Farraguts. That's why I wear a vest...
  3. The BQE MVA scenario is hilarious!I've seen that a zillion times! Don't touch me!HATZOLAH ONLY!!! :roll: 93 refused all Central......We're 98 K Sing the song!
  4. Richard, I think he ment to say North OF America....... Mike FDNY EMS
  5. FDNY EMS has many Haz Tac units (ALS and BLS) through out the city trained to "technician"level.We are trained to operate in the "hot zone"in level A fully encapsulated suits w/SCBA's.The main responsibility is triage,medical management ,and decon of contaminated Pt.'s.We are also trained to administer antidote (Atropine and 2pam). This training isn't required,but it should be!All other EMS personnel are trained to "awareness"level.
  6. Richard, I started out with the FCVAC.Unfortunately I didn't really have the time to do bolth(FDNY AND Volly)and get my hours,so they canned me!Fired from a volunteer job!I figured a little time was better than none.......don't get me started!!! :evil:
  7. That was a busy one! That was before my FID-KNEE days.I was working on my "Jolly Volly" bus at the time....(in Queens)We were actually working off the MARS radio.That was a first!We did a double.Lots of jobs!Got a good flash light on your belt.......?
  8. Pam, Good Luck at the academy-see you on the street!
  9. what are we running, including the voluntaries and Metroscare? 250 plus ambulances a tour, for those 3,000 calls a day? I'm not really sure...but I'll look in to it.Richard,what's the highest CAD # you have ever seen?We work T3 and late job #'s are all ways over 3000.I'm sure you have seen some busy summer nights in your time! Just a thought....Imagine how our job would be if there was no such thing as drugs and alcohol...... :roll:
  10. I'm going to have to agree with Richard B. on this one.....
  11. I have never be called a racist,but I've been called every racist slur you could imagine.The reason it doesn't bother me is I consider the source.Most times it's coming from an intoxicated,incarcerated,emotional disturbed person.They grab for the easiest most offensive thing to say. I've worked with some people with racist views.That is difficult.I try not to debate these issues,but rather be an example.Be consistant with my patient care-no matter who or what they are. Where I work and live I am the minority.
  12. I'm a FDNY EMT-B,workin the Haz Tac unit in downtown Brooklyn.
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