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  1. I have already looked into this, buddy, and Dustdevil is right. There are very few places (save Armed Forces) that would have full time, paid wilderness rescue. There are, however, plenty of Volly groups you can join. http://www.mra.org has a bunch of listings under "team info." Maybe you can join a paid fire or Medic service in the Area and be a volly for a Mountain rescue group.
  2. What else would you like to know? Pt was an adult male, working at a factory at the time of the incident. Aside from complaints of back pain, pt had 2 lacs on his left had, with controlled bleeding.
  3. Hey guys! Long time on talk! I just had to come to rant a little. My VFD answered the call for a man pinned in between machine and a truck. By the time we got there, he was freed (they had to use a forklift to get a heavy machine off of him) He complained of Back pain. Well, we had gotten the back board out about the time the EMS showed up, and guess what? The Wise, all-knowing Medic decided we were not going to package him, so they helped him up, and loaded him onto the cot for Bx1 transport. :x Any thoughts on this call?
  4. The smells gag me sometimes, but nothing ever come out the wrong way.
  5. I whine about it on my favorite EMT site
  6. Yep. I had to make the call, things just got to slippery... :oops:
  7. It was going find till you jumped in Haven't you screwed up enough gene pools for a lifetime, Steve? Aawww, we still love ya.
  8. But it's fun, isn't that what matters? You've got some time to kill, and some breath to waste, why not?
  9. Rid seems to have beef with us non-PhDs holding Existential beliefs. Damn kids and their loud philosophies!
  10. Hey, if the rest of the world can keep up with America and America II: the Sequal, then why is that our problem?
  11. 7 pages, on the issue of Theology vs biology, and not a single "F- you"! Some kinda record! Pat yourselves on the back, everyone!
  12. While I like and totally agree with your Biological views, Mass, I have to disagree with your theological ones. The world Faiths, are not "more alike then different." It is really had to for someone to make such a statement, with each faith split up into many more Sects. Pure land Buddhists and Roman Catholicism, for example, have a Lot in Common, but there is no comparison between Zen Buddhism and Roman Catholicism, they are so different! What few similarities that most faiths do share, I believe, come not from a similarity in the dogma itself, but an agreement on certain universal laws (e.g.
  13. Clearly, you haven't seen many of these teams! Dominicans, Venezuelans, Mexicans, Japanese, Cubans, South Koreans, Australians, Germans, and French, just to name a few countries that have players in the League! They said there is a 1-9 ratio of Dominicans to other Nationalities in the almost 900 player League! Hell, they even have a guy from the Netherlands playing!
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