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  1. Black Holes anyone? WE ARE ALL GONNA DIEEEEE! Edit: Errr, I hope people get the joke....
  2. If I recall correctly, Calgary EMS actually just completed a round of hiring not even a month ago. One of my co-workers got on with them and is now working there. I'm not sure where is best to hear about upcoming hiring competitions. but keep your eyes peeled on the ACP website as well as Alberta Health Services Careers website. Sorry that it looks like you missed that one. Hope this helps. Best of luck Judy.
  3. BTW, That kind of reads as more hostile than how is was written. Just to be clear, no disrespect meant. Just interested in getting to the bottom of the matter.
  4. I don't know where this fixation on an asymptomatic spinal pt came from, since: 1) neither have I mentioned at any time an asymptomatic pt and 2) neither is the pt mentioned by kiwi and quoted by me in my original post asymptomatic by any stretch of the imagination. Where is the confusion coming from? Do cars not roll over where you come from? Easily 20-30% of serious MVA's I do are roll-overs. Perhaps due to the prevalence of pick-ups and other high center of mass vehicles around these parts? Your analogy is a fail, at least where I come from. I'm having trouble finding actual
  5. Did I miss read the intentions behind this statement then? Unconcious Pt Knocked out from fall + C-spine precautions = somehow ridiculous?
  6. I intended for my post to indicate that it requires far less force to cause a c-spine fracture than many people believe. I don't know how anybody can feel comfortable ruling out c-spine on an unconscious head trauma pt.
  7. First off, while not actually dealing with the subject at hand per se, the following study did come to the surprising conclusion that Log-Rolling Pt's produced far more potentially injurious C-spine motion then the "Lift-and-Slide" technique. Anybody else surprised? The Spine Journal Volume 4, Issue 6, November-December 2004, Pages 619-62 C-Spine.pdf In regards to your post Kiwi, this is from an older post of mine. It does not take much force to cause a c-spine fracture. Dust was right on the money when he said: "the unfortunate fact is that there is no recognised, objective
  8. Haha. I'll admit I'm guilty myself. Kind of harmless entertainment IMHO. Like playing the "If I won the Lottery" Game. I don't take it as far as stockpiling morphine and cooking up explosives in my basement, however. Those people scare me.
  9. Fair enough, but don't give other people a hard time for trying to actually INCREASE the knowledge of others and themselves. Myself and many others look forward to the opportunity to learn from the research efforts of others. Maybe if you tried to increase what you "know", you would have more productive things to add. Not to mention you might actually start understanding what people are talking about and not require correction.
  10. So you never read more than one resource on any topic? That must be the case if you feel that posting 4 supporting references is out of your league. Have you ever read a journal article and then looked at the last page? It's called a Bibliography. This Bibliography usually contains many more than 4 references that the author has used in the article to research and support his or her position. This is actually considered normal and not "spam" by most folks with higher education. It is in fact, a required element of proper journal writing.
  11. Great Job Guys, Way to give the IAFF more ammo. Now you know they are gonna say this wouldn't have happened if the "superior" services of Integrated EMS/Fire had been utilized. Maybe they will feature this event in their next PSA Video...
  12. So this retard that wrote that article think the only thing that has changed in 23 YEARS of EMS is the time it takes to train? Surely the expanded scope of practice and the fact that there is actually some Pharmacology involved have nothing to do with it? He a physician for cryin' out loud. I can diagnose a heart attack too! It's what Dustdevil is going to have when he reads that retarded article! P.S. Does being a Firefighter/Medic/Physician make the author a FireGorrila?
  13. Not saying that things are at that point yet, but... In the opinion of all the people who suggested co-operation: How bad do things have to get before you would fight for your rights?
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