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  1. I bought a 300 dollar e2 Tungsten that I don't even use. I have the emedic program too. Which I never use. It's a shiny piece of kit, but a pain in the arse to carry around. I end up writing stuff on a 59 cent pad of paper. Wanna buy it?
  2. Right after Saskatchewan for dirt cheap places to live is Manitoba. If you're not afraid to work rurally for awhile. There are at least 3 places I know of to go to school.
  3. Global warming is a planetary trend that would be happening with or without us. Since a volcano spews more shit out into the atmosphere than we could ever dream of, All the big ass ambulances in the world aren't going to make a bit of difference. Unless you choose to believe noted climatologists like Al Gore and Melissa Etheridge. I'm not losing any sleep over it.
  4. Ok, I agree that statement wasn't entirely fair, I must have been in a foul mood when i wrote it. I'll take it back though if any riding in those areas produce an MP with a backbone when it comes to punishing cop killers, child molesters, traitors, terrorists, and rapists like they deserve instead of coddling them and talking about their feelings.
  5. Subtract Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, and you'll find the rest of the country agrees with you.
  6. This has been getting ridiculous every since Mayerthorpe. At least 6 in the last couple years. What are people thinking that they figure they can take shots at the Mounties like this?
  7. Anyone who wants work out here will find it right now. Virtually every health authority in the province is begging for bodies right now. If you don't mind working in the sticks this is the place for you. Housing is dirt cheap, the pay is pretty good, and the licensing process is not even a pain in the ass. Supervisors are on their hands and knees begging all the staff to head hunt everyone they can. If anyone is interested, let me know.
  8. I can't see how they need an extra hundred a year to delete emails and never return phone calls. Screw it, I'm staying in Manitoba.
  9. The nurses here in our little hospital call the paramedics when they need someone immobilized in the er. I don't think they've never been taught, they do it so seldom they would rather have the people who do it all the time do it right the first time.
  10. I did the industrial EMS thing for 6 months and hated every second of it. I was in camp for 6 weeks with one week out. My only goal was to make an assload of money, and get out. I have a pretty decent truck, a quad, and a savings account now, and I got a real EMS job at the first opportunity. All in all, industrial EMS sucks, but I sure miss clearing 7 grand a month. Hahaha
  11. Never mind, I didn't read BC in your post. You said oil and gas and I immediately thought Alberta.
  12. My brother works for these guys. Firepower I believe they are based out of Red Deer or surrounding area. They do fire and EMS coverage at the EMR and EMT level. They seem to pay alright, and I haven't heard any complaints about the company.
  13. I've been reading his stuff for awhile. It's really well written and entertaining. I think he has a book out as well.
  14. We found a guy up in the arctic that. His jacket was wide open and his mitts were off. I'm not sure if that qualifies as paradoxical undressing, but he was frozen to death when we found him.
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