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  1. Hello folks! Stay safe!

  2. Can't believe my profile is still here after a 6 year absence.....

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    2. Don1977
    3. itku2er


      Welcome back don! 

    4. Don1977


      Hey Terri! IDK if I'm back, was just seeing if I was still on here and if this place was alive..lol

  3. Jess passed away July 16, 2016

  4. wow.....I must have got lost....

  5. wow.....I must have got lost....

  6. Hello all...its been a while.....

  7. Hello all, hope you have a great day!

  8. Merry Christmas to all EMTcity members!

    1. Jessi


      Merry Christmas to you too :)

  9. It was a great 3 years while it lasted.....

  10. EMTcity lost a great icon......Dust...you will be missed, may you RIP.....thank you for your military service and for your words of advise on here.........

  11. Just another day in paradise....

  12. Just another day in paradise....

  13. FDNY PARAMEDICS 2; FDNY FIREFIGHTERS 341; PRIVATE EMS 8; NYPD 23; PAPD 37; MEMBERS OF THE ARMED SERVICES 55; EVERYDAY AMERICANS 2511. NEVER FORGET 2977! God bless our country and the Services both Emergency and Armed who stepped up to the challenge that horrible day!

  14. Wow..I must have made a wrong turn.....lol

  15. HICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Been enjoying some "time off" from EMS, havent seen a patient since september, my back is thanking me....

    1. Siffaliss


      That's ok Don, I think it's been since about September the last time anyone was in the chat room ... so you haven't really missed anything ...

    2. Don1977
  17. Howdy all....been a while....

    1. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      Quick, hide the munchies; Fred is back!

  18. Just another day in paradise....

  19. I turn 21 again today.......yay!!! *sigh* plus 13.......

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    2. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      Happy Birthday, pup!

    3. rat115


      Dude! You're a kid, Phred!!!! You aren't even as old as this old lady. LOL!

    4. Don1977
  20. Everything in EMS is getting lighter except the patients

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    2. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      You people complain about 250 and up. Y'all don't know what a HEAVY patient is!

    3. Happiness


      I agree lone in our community it is not uncomman to have someone up to about 350-400

    4. Don1977


      I lifted patients between 350 to 800 lbs at least twice a week.....my company specialized in it

  21. Artist formerly known as EMTDON970..had to change my screen name

  22. Wishes Jess would get better and no more surgeries....

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    2. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      Tell jessi-poo that she's done enough layin around! I hope everythings alright and she gets beter soon!

    3. scubanurse


      sending prayers y'alls way... I really hope it gets resolved soon!

    4. Don1977


      thanks all, she had a LP shunt put in, had two revisions and now its infected, its been hell the last month

  23. there goes that donation.......

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