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  1. I think......gasp....your right, you are a whacker. Sorry Kat I couldn't resist. It says a lot about your charactor that you would rather improve the service to your citizens and working conditions for employees than line your own pockets. If I'm ever passing through your area I would like to stop by and meet you. If you are ever passing through the Rockies let me know, I"ll buy you a beer. :-)
  2. Kat STARS uses them, you could call and see what they think.
  3. Yea I think we got it. Not really necessary to post under every topic.
  4. No. Seriously. Two hundred and thirty two pages. Read them. All of them. Before you post again in this thread. All of them. 232 pages. Get to it Ok I'm done....only problem is, I'm old and forgetfull so I still don't remeber what was on page 2.
  5. In BC we use Canadian C-spine rule to determine whether or not a patient requires c-spine motiion restriction (ITLS ;-)). If they do require SMR we have the choice of long board or clamshell, most people I know prefer the clam as it is more comfortable and the aptient does not slide around as much as on the long board. Word is we will be following Saskatchewan's lead and putting fewer patients on any kind of hard device.
  6. It would be interesting to know the results once you are done.
  7. What is even more ridiculous is the fact they drove her to a regional hospital and loaded her in a helicopter to take her to another hospital. Why not take her in to the local er to have her assesed there?
  8. . I have been doing this job for 27 years and still love going to work; it is what you make of it. If prehospital care is what you want to do don't let burnt out paramedics sway you from your goal. Yes there will be some hard calls and you will run into people that want to make you quit, but you could find that in a lot of professions. I would suggest you work hard and aim towards moving forward with your education, I believe you will find this career more rewarding with advanced education. I would be concerned if you were not nervous, and yes the more calls you do the more confident you will become and the nerves will lessen, no matter how long you have been in there will always be those calls that get your heart pumping. I wouldn't worry about looking young, one day you will find it a compliment . I injured my shoulder and had to go to a physio, when she walked in I thought she was a student, she looked about 16, she was 31. If part of your retarded growth means small in stature then I would recommend a gym membership, there is a lot of lifting in this job and injuring yourself at a young age would not be good. I hope this helps. Good luck with your career
  9. .I make my kids wear bicycle helmets and teach them to be safe on the road. I put them in swimming lessons so they would be safe around water. I do this because I look after my own, I don't concern myself with what the other kids are doing. Let Drs worry about Drs and accountants worry about accountants. I posted this because I care about my colleagues and believe us as a profession (if you consider us a profession) should look after our own; that is why I posted this. You think it is no big deal; fair enough that is your choice. As long as people keep thinking it is no big deal nothing will ever be done, our colleagues will suffer in silence until it becomes too much for them, then they will end their own suffering. Personally I am lucky; I have a great support group. Our service offers a confidential employee assistance program that offers counselling to those that needs it. Some services are not so lucky. I am sure we will continue to disagree about the importance of this, that’s alright, that, is what open dialogue is about
  10. I agree with all the comments above. I think the best way to get him there is have a Dr arrange medical transport. Here in BC psych patients are sedated for transport but that is done by medical professionals not family members. Good luck, I hope your brother in law gets the help he needs. By the way the links are added by the site not the poster, I doubt Ruffmeister intentionally posted a link to blow up dolls.
  11. Not sure what your point is. Are you saying that because there are other causes of first responder deaths we should not be concerned about our colleagues killing themselves? If 34 have taken their own lives how many others are in need of help? But hey, people die from other causes so who cares??? By the way, these are Canadian statistics, the average number of lightening caused deaths in Canada is 3 per year. In 2014 as of Oct 28 there were 26 in the US. Just saying….
  12. I was shocked at the number of papramedics that have committed suicide. Do you think EMS services do enough to help paramedics suffering from stress and PTSD? http://www.brandonsun.com/lifestyles/breaking-news/group-draws-attention-to-paramedic-suicides-says-professional-help-needed-290160821.html?viewAllComments=y
  13. Dental pain especially in the upper left jaw associated with nausea and photophobia, I would say he had a migraine.
  14. Our new units are coming with a single seat. The seat is not on a track. I have worked out of one of these units and liked it. I believe it is safer than the bench seat, you are actually restrained. I also find it more comfortable.
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