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  1. I will be honest I didnt read your whole post, but, I will tell you what I was told when I first got my license years back. An old timer said good you passed, now keep your mouth shut for the next three years and watch what others do, listen to many, trust few and if you dont know what to do... go by the book. And if the "Senior EMT" wants to talk sh*t, than she should have stepped in corrected the situation because she/he has more experience and should know better, second, if you look bad than she/he looks bad which in turns makes you, your partner, and your company look incompetent. Good
  2. I worked for several EMS agency for several towns and some private, however, one private company I recently joined doesnt offer nor mandate Tb testing. Is this legal in new jersey or anywere?
  3. My grandmother was recently taken to the hospital by my squad and MONOC ALS unit. Upon arrival at the hospital the medic kindly asked my P.O.S. uncle to sign the HIPPA/Notice of Privacy Act. My POS uncle wanted to read the PCR before signing. I explained to him there are rules and regulations reguarding obtaining the information on the PCR. He refused to sign the HIPPA/Notice of Privacy Act, due to the fact the medic refused to let him read the PCR. MY POS UNCLE is pissed at me telling me i dont know what im talking about. My understanding of the HIPPA/Notice of Privacy Act states th
  4. I am currently looking to get my New York EMT-B card. I am currently certified by NJ and would like to work in NY as an EMT. I was wondering if anybody has had any trouble achieving there NY EMT card? Any help is appreciated.
  5. Clearly it comes down to what you think is a CPR save. Very rarely will a CPR save pt. not sustain the same quality life as they did before. I happen to work in an area were we have a high elderly population. Therefore we average roughly and this is a statistic by my captain 2 CPR jobs per month.
  6. I ask questions so i can get an in sight on what people think, and from people whom have obtained more experience than me. Im current awaiting scheduling- and its muncipal EMS 911 if that answers your questions.
  7. I have heard of two deffinitions of a CPR save. Dont quote me on exact details. My squad adopts the Techinical CPR save deffinitions. Technical CPR Save: Is CPR done in the pre-hospital environment. Were the patiant regains a pulse and can obtain a blood pressure by the time of ED arrival. The pt. has to also make it to be discharged out the the Emergency department whether to ICU, discharged or etc. Real CPR Save: Pt. dead, CPR started Pt. some how makes discharge from hospital and continues a healthy and normal life.
  8. Well i just went into my first interview and i listed my CPR saves. My employeer was actually impressed he said because he has hired people with more experience you havnt had half the CPR experience as i did.
  9. I made my own- being I do computer graphics. You can PM me and I can design yours. Then you go to stapples and by the pre-cut bussiness cards (clean edge) the the design i give you into Microsoft word bussiness card lay out and copy and paste the design into the template and click print. Simple and easy. I think they are great to staple along side your resume. Its great if you are trying to do sit ins at games and establish connections along the way. you dont really need them except its nice to have.
  10. My squad pays four EMTs. Three out the the four are no good- the one is ok. So for sombody to say volunteers dont do nothing thats a big statement because half the NJ is volunteer EMS. I have 12 REAL CPR saves on my squad. Thats not volunteer expeirence to list?
  11. Backboard and C-collar both- pad the voids- apply oxygen- do investigation on the abdomen because that warrents attention to internal injuries. The KED has betters uses. Imbobilizing a Child Hip Injuries I would never use the KED unless the car has allot of room the spare and time on my hands. As long as you took proper C-spinal protection hold the head and etc. your fine document well becasue it may be used in court
  12. Roll it out to size cut with shears to square and tape.
  13. In my jump kit i cary a roll of plastic wrap- I cut it at 3inches so i have a 3inch role and a 9inch roll. The 9 inch i cut down for a flutter valve and a severe arterial bleeding were all my other dressings fail- trauma pad on top and wrap it with a 9inch roll. However i have never used it on a burn Pt. nor do i treat many. I would assume you can use a trauma,abd, or etc with standard saline solution to wet it down and cover it with plastic wrap to make an oclusive dressing to prevent infection. But, stick to your training if it is within your scope to use an occlusive dressings- and ind
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