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  1. I'm with djdudley on this. When I was younger and more cavalier in my "hero" mentality, and before I had a family, we routinely entered scenes that we should have staged for, and for all kinds of reasons/rationale. While some here have said they may risk their own lif,e they hesitate risking their partner or other responders. I suppose that is a basic rule of thumb to go by if you're single or don't have family who would miss you if you made a bad decision. I have a wife, three kids and an extended family who would feel the loss for a cavalier approach gone wrong. OD, assault, domestic..
  2. Hey Mobey... Longevity in this industry is almost an oxymoron. I had a couple minor meltdowns before I learned what you did. I wish that I could have learned those lessons a lot earlier and also wish I could engrain it in the rookies before the crash & burn. Thanks for sharing your personal story, I think it will make a difference in someone's life & career. And hang in there, you're not alone.
  3. This is hilarious... you all want to lynch a man based on a magazine article, not in inquiry or an investigation... but a dang magazine article!
  4. We know nothing about the seizure patient... beyond the fact it was a seizure patient. Was s/he postictal? Was s/he stable? If s/he was stable is there immediate concern of recurrent seizures? Was s/he still seizing? What was being done to stabilize him/her? Was anything necessary to stabilize him/her? Was transport strictly for observation/investigation or for intervention? There is no way of conveying how the scene presented to the crew that stopped... it seems apparent that it appeared serious enough to warrant investigation based on the seriousness (or lack thereof) of their seiz
  5. There are too few details included in the "report" to judge what is right & wrong. I wasn't there, I can't say what I would have done, each case is unique and must be judged based on ALL the FACTS. It is foolish (unless you are a whacker) to try and draw any conclusions/judgements based on what is presented.
  6. I wonder if my vet could fit me in for shoulder surgery. :?
  7. It looks like there's a fundamental difference between Canadians & Americans & their tolerance/loyalties in this particular set of circumstances.
  8. Sorry... going to have to call foul on that one. Our city, and others before and after, believed the same misconception prior to enforcing a public smoking ban. What actually happened was the opposite. Although there was a brief decline in revenue (and I mean brief), business after the ban actually increased... without exception.
  9. My favorites too! I had one a few months back... 19y/o her first term-pregnancy, labor pain 20 min apart etc, screaming in the rig because of the "pain". I casually asked her if she thought this was bad how was she was going to cope when the contractions started. Her eyes blasted wide open and she said "you mean it's going to get worse?" She dummied up in a hurry. I giggled.
  10. I don't think anyone would be dumb enough to bash Dust... most of what he says is truth, we just don't always like to hear it, or hear it put so blunt. Why beat around the bush when you can mow it down in a hail of gunfire! :wink:
  11. So you think Americans are special... Canadians are even more "special": Canadians... stand in "line-ups" at the movie, not lines. Canadians... are not offended by the term, "Homo Milk". Canadians... understand the sentence, "Could you please pass me a serviette, I just spilled my POUTINE" ! Canadians... eat chocolate bars instead of candy bars. Canadians... drink pop, not soda. Canadians... had a Prime Minister who wasn't fluent in either of the official languages (English & French). Canadians... know what it means to be 'on pogey'. Canadians... know that a mickey and 2-4's mean
  12. I'd be careful buying that Cherokee Spenac, the ignition only worked once... and it still needed a lighter to fire it up; besides that i hear Sinjed & Bashia stole the SUV... so it's still hot.
  13. Dooger

    New Names?

    Dorkey Cootie-Brain doesn't sound as intimidating as I had hoped. I think I need therapy... about 24oz worth.
  14. 5% -One 3" decal on the back window.
  15. Isn't that pretty much what an interatrial block is? BTW: You better slow down on your education... you get many more letters after your name & you'll have to get your own alphabet!
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